iPad2 Tablet Covers and Cases By Hard Candy Cases

ipad2 tablet covers and cases

iPad2 Tablet Covers and Cases

Why would you one need iPad2 tablet covers and cases? To protect their electronics that is why. I am the proud owner of a Candy Convertible iPad case in Candy Apple Red. This iPad2 case also is also available in a sleek black. I would be lost without this handy cover. First off, it is a bright red, so it is easy for me to find no matter how many stacks of papers in is under or no matter how cluttered my desk gets.

It has a snug fit that wraps like a glove helping to keep your iPad2 safe and secure with a tuck in flap to make sure your tablet stays safely in place. It just oozes sophistication and has a snazzy sense of style. Created with a portfolio style it makes it easy to tuck right into my purse. This is a feature that sold me on this case because it helps protect my iPad2 from other articles floating around in my purse. I know the case will keep my screen safe from bumps, nicks, and scratches.

The flip cover can tuck into the back of the case to create two optimal views. This makes is really easy to set it up and watch movies, or turn it to type on the keyboard more ergonomically. I like to watch movies when we are in the car, so this is really handy to prop on my lap. Not many of theĀ ipad2 tablet covers and cases have this feature.

The case also comes with a pouch inside for business cards. This feature makes is easy for me to always have these accessible to hand out to people I meet on the street that just NEED my info right away. No digging through my purse, I know right where my bright red iPad2 case is!

You can purchase this Faux Nubuck Flip Folio iPad case for $44.95.

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