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iPhone 4 Case

Could you live without your iPhone? Many people will answer no and some might say maybe but I have never run across anyone that will say yes they could. Cell phones are powerful tools that emit a powerful form of microwave energy. The long term effects of this type of exposure are unknown but avoiding unnecessary exposure is top on the list of things that many people who use cell phone would like.

Sure, everyone is always searching for the most powerful cell phone on the market that gives them that maximum signal strength. Who likes dropped phone calls? They become rather annoying after a while. An interesting the lower the signal strength, the greater the intensity of this microwave energy emitted by your phone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a product on the market that actually protected you from that microwave energy but optimized your cell phone’s signal strength?

Best iPhone 4 Case

Thanks to Pong Research there is a solution to the cell phone radiation problem. Pong Research was founded by an international team of scientists with unique expertise in the fields of plasma physics, environmental science, electrical engineering, antenna design and even health sciences. Pong’s scientists gained an understanding of how to direct that radiation through the use of electromagnetic fields, which is the science that is in every Pong case.

To be honest that is all mumbo jumbo to me so here is something simple that got me to better understand what a pong case actually does. Your cell phone when it is put to your ear, you are absorbing between 48-68% of that energy. Now in this day and age I rarely see anyone talking with a cell phone on their ear with hands free sets. I can assume that even if your phone is in your lap or near you in any way it is also absorbing that energy as well. It’s like that old saying never stand directly in front of microwave while it’s on? I guess it would be the same concept when it deals with hands free sets. My feeling it’s better to be safe than sorry! Aside from protecting you it can boost your signal as well which is a good situation to be in, everyone can always use a stronger signal.

I got the chance to try out the iPhone 4/4s Soft Touch Case in their brand new color deep purple. The case arrived in the perfect box. The box is heavy duty so if you ever change cases to another Pong case you can store them in these boxes and switch them to fit your personality, which is fabulous. The case itself really is a deep purple color just like pictured. Since purple is my favorite color, all you purple color fanatics can rest easy knowing the case is truly purple.

The case is really lightweight which I love because often times the cases add ten pounds to a cell phone thus making them way too heavy to hold or even carry. The shell/case is very slim and not that thick especially since its meant to protect you I would have thought the thickness of the case would be larger but I am happy to report that it isn’t. The phone fits perfectly into the case by easily sliding in. There is space for all the outlets as well so no need to remove the case to charge your phone. I like that the case slides easily against fabric. I cannot even tell you how hard it is to pull your phone out of your pocket when it has a grip to it. It’s a pain in the butt but this case is wonderful and slides right out. The good thing is it doesn’t slip out of your hand because of the sleek design it has.

Overall I love the design and the functions of the Soft Touch Pong Case because it helps protect me from harm as well as increase my signal. The design is slim and sleek which is amazing especially because it doesn’t add any weight to the phone. Best of all for $49.99 you can protect yourself and have a fashionable lightweight Iphone case or if you have another type of phone they have cases for you as well including iPad cases.

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