Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD I Heart Minnie

I Heart Minnie DVD

I am crazy about Disney and so are my kids. One of my favorite Disney characters growing up was Minnie. I loved her and use to carry her everywhere with me. Now that I have kids they are nuts about the same Disney characters I loved as a child. My girls (7 and 2) are crazy for Minnie as well especially my 2 year old. Whenever Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on she will sit intently in front of the television watching. She will shout Minnie when she sees her and giggles.

I was excited to get the chance to review the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie DVD. I knew the girls would enjoy it especially my 2 year old who already loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I Heart Minnie includes 5 classic episodes from the show, each one has an underlining theme of friendship, teamwork, sharing and even problem solving.

The episodes included in the DVD:

Minnie’s Birthday- It’s Minnie’s Birthday today but the Clubhouse friends still need to set up her birthday party.

Daisy’s Pet Project- the Pet Parade is almost here but Daisy needs to find the perfect animal which she can love and care for. It’s not easy though as she thinks and soon she has 3 new friends: an elephant named Bubbles, a bunny named Captain Jumps-A-Lot, and a giraffe named Longfellow!

Minnie’s Rainbow- When Minnie sees a brightly colored rainbow appear over the clubs she begins her search for the pot of gold that is supposed to be at the end of it. Along the way, she encounters a leprechaun and discovers that not all treasure turns out as she expected.

Daisy’s Dance- Get ready to clap your hands and tap your feet, while you join Daisy as she gets ready for one of the most important events of her life, performing in the big talent show.

Minnie & Daisy’s Flower Shower (All New- Never Before Seen)-  The botanical highlight of the year is in major trouble, unless Minnie and Daisy can get their flower to bloom. Together they board the glove balloon to help coax the clouds to sprinkle much needed rain for their flowers.

The run time for this DVD is 120 minutes so it is longer than most DVD’s that are for children but that was a very huge bonus for me. I popped this in our DVD player when we had a bad snow storm recently and all the kids were home. I needed to get some things accomplished and they needed the relaxation time.  I Heart Minnie was wonderful even my boys enjoyed watching it.

I could hear them from in the other room acting along with the DVD selecting the tools needed to accomplish the tasks. While it was a bit young for my older two they did watch the whole thing through and had a lot of fun watching it as well.

Their favorite episode was a tie between Minnie & Daisy’s Flower Shower and Daisy’s Pet Project. They enjoyed them more because they had never seen them before and it involved two things they love which is nature and animals. They did enjoy the other ones but my oldest would head back to the guide and pick these two out of the others to keep watching.

Overall all the kids enjoyed the DVD much more than I would have thought especially my older two. I knew that my 2 year old would enjoy it a lot but not the oldest ones. I was very happy about that because this DVD isn’t just for little ones but also older children as well. My oldest daughter is 7 and she enjoyed it just as much as the youngest. This is one DVD that the kids will be watching again and again.

You can purchase the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie on DVD for $14.99

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