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Train DVD

We recently went to our Museum of Science and Industry for a little outing since all the kids were off of school. There at the Museum stood a replica of the city of Chicago and a train running through it. My son loves trains but shocked me the most was that my youngest daughter was so mesmerized by them as well. We stood there for hours looking at the train as it went through the whole town from farm land to the city. Neither of them would move anywhere away from them. When we were on our way home Little Miss insisted on Thomas!

Thomas is a favorite of my son but not Little Miss, she normally never watches him but I thought it would be something they could watch together. I am not sure I know of any little boy that doesn’t go through their train phase and I don’t blame them, even my fiancée loves them and builds scale models with them. They are rather large and when they come to life, like on Thomas & Friends it’s hard for kids to resist.

Kids Train DVD

After searching through our Thomas collection my son let Little Miss pick out the DVD she wanted to watch, and she went straight for the newest collection Thomas & Friends Movie Pack, 3 DVD set.

This set includes 3 DVDs with bonus features on each DVD as well as the feature presentation.

Thomas & Friends: Hero of The Rails – The kids followed Thomas on this adventure as he discovered Hiro, who is an abandoned engine for a faraway land. Thomas is afraid that Hiro will be scrapped, so he enlists the help of many of his friends, but mishaps, mistakes and one boastful engine could foil their rescue plans.

In full screen format and runs about 60 minutes.

DVD Bonus features include a Thomas and Spencer Racing Game, Who’s Pulling into the Station? And Go, Go, Thomas’ Karaoke Music Video.

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery- All the engines are busy preparing for Sodor Day but Thomas gets lost in the mountains, and discovers the old town of Great Waterton. Soon the island is buzzing with the news of Thomas’ discovery and restoring the old town just in time for the big day.

This is the only movie in widescreen format and runs about 61 minutes.

DVD Bonus Features include You’re The Leader Karaoke Music Video, Learn with Thomas, Behind The Scenes with Pierce Brosnan.

Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines-Summertime is a very busy time on the Island of Sodor when the steam engines and diesels can’t get along with each other and no more work is getting done, the engines are in a terrible mess. Will the brand new airport be ready in time? Will the bridge get built? Can the engines save the day? Find out!

In Full Screen Format and runs about 62 minutes.

DVD Bonus Features include Call All Engines! Game, Deleted Scenes, Read along, and Sing A Long

My son loves Thomas already so I knew that this set would be a hit with him but I wasn’t quite sure about Little Miss. Previously when her brother has watched Thomas she will leave the room and say “eww boys.” That is why I was really surprised when she chose to watch this set. All of the dvd’s were a hit with her. She sat and watched intently as Thomas discovered a new town , learned about working together, as well as working together to help an engine in need. While she is still a little young and might not quite learn the lessons each DVD has over time I have no doubt that she will. If you ask her who her favorite cartoon is, she will say Thomas with enthusiasm. She now watches these 3 discs all the time and is slowly learning about how to work together with her brothers and sister.

Overall Lionsgate and Hit Entertainment did it again with this wonderful and budget friendly dvd pack. It’s great for younger kids but I don’t see anyone over 5 watching it all that much longer. Thankfully, they only recommend it for ages 2-5 years old. If you have a train lover or a child who loves adventures this dvd is perfect for them! Little Miss doesn’t like trains that much but I have feeling Thomas & Friends will get her on the right track.

You can purchase the Thomas & Friends: Movie Pack 3-DVD Set for $19.98. You can stay up to date and see what’s happening around Sodor through Thomas & Friends on Facebook.

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