Best Preschool DVD The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish

Chuck and Friends DVD


My oldest son loves cars and trucks, anything that has to do with them he loves. He loves the noises that they make, the rumbling and roaring of the engines, the styles of the different cars and trucks and most of all the speeds at which they go. The faster they go or the more equipment they have the more he loves them.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends is a show that is new to him but since it involved cars and trucks I thought it might just be a winner. Available now on DVD from Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios is The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish. This DVD features 10 high energy episodes geared towards the enthusiastic preschool audience.

Best Preschool DVD

Chuck the dump truck, a Tonka truck, turns his fantasies into reality with the help of his vehicle pals, Digger, Rowdy, Bigs, Boomer, Handy and Soku. The DVD follows the character of Chuck the Dump Truck as well as his incredible cast of friends in a wonderful fast paced, song filled, high energy series for preschoolers. Every visitor that stops and the truck stop where Chuck lives fuel his exciting fantasies and he enlists his pals to turn those fantasies into reality.

Included episodes are

Race to the Race

The Best

Chuck’s Big Break

Game On

Revving Up Rally

Grandpa Treadwell

Chuck Backs Up

Need For Speed

Vertie’s Stunt School

Dancing Wheels

Since my son is new to Chuck & Friends this was his first time watching the show and I must say it kept him glued to the television. The colors are bright and fun which is appealing to every preschooler. There is a variety of trucks as well which I found refreshing, not only a dump truck or construction trucks but   a variety of others as well including monster trucks, fire trucks and racing trucks like Chuck’s Big Brother. The movie has gentle and subtle message within it that teach children very important lessons about working together. Together Chuck and his friends achieve his fantasies. My son loves the opening song which fun, fresh and very upbeat.

Overall this dvd is amazing for preschoolers, with lessons being taught as well as fun and games along with Chuck and all his friends. This is one of our favorites and is watched over and over again on a weekly basis.

You can purchase The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish on DVD for $11.99.

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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.