Best Kids Dinosaur Movies Dino Dan DVD

Did you know a Brachiosaurs weighs up to 80 tons? A T-Rex can eat up to 500lbs in one bite? That’s one giant eater! Dinosaurs are a fascination with people young and old especially boys. The bigger the dinosaur the better with my boys.

Nick Jr’s adventure filled live action CGI series Dino Dan is available now on dvd Dino Dan – Dino Trackers.

Best Kids Dinosaur Movies

Dino Dan played by Jason Spevack is a curious 10 year old who imagines there are dinosaurs living all around him, even in the school yard of his school! This series is very unique because it was developed under the guidance of the paleontologists at Canada’s Royal Tyrrel Museum in Alberta. Dino Dan the character is even named after a real paleontologist at the museum name Dr. Don Henderson who is the inspiration for the Dino Dan character.

We had the chance to review Dino Dan- Dino Trackers recently and my boys where very excited about it even my fiancee although he will not admit it. They joined Dino Dan on his way to discovering new dinosaurs. They learned how scientists name each dinosaur, whether it’s after the person who discovered the new dinosaur, the place it was discovered or they are named for their famous features. I love that they give examples of this in the movie so my son can understand it easier.

From there it taught them the meaning behind the names of the dinosaurs for example T-Rex means tyrant lizard killer. He has fun with his friend quizzing him while he guesses the meaning behind the names.

There is a lot of interesting facts for any dinosaur lover young or old. I love that it’s kid friendly and there are visuals of the dinosaurs so kids can also name them along with Dino Dan. My oldest had so much fun guessing the name of the dinosaurs on the screen. He even renamed a couple of them.

Overall I love the Dino Dan – Dino Trackers DVD which has 5 episodes on it and is the prefect run time for younger children as well as older one. We have never seen Dino Dan before but now my son wants to watch it all the time. He can’t get enough of this DVD.

Dino Dan – Dino Trackers can be purchased online or at a retailer near you including Walmart, Target, Kmart and Toys R Us for $12.99.

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