Animated Disney Dog Movie Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition 2 Disc Blu-Ray

Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition BluRay

I love Disney movies, well I love everything Disney but over the years I have come to treasure their movies. I was introduced to Disney when I was about 2 years old and I have loved it ever since but over the years my love turned into something more. I started to actually treasure the classic tales. Disney’s Lady & the Tramp is one of the Disney classics I treasure the most.

This timeless classic is being released from the Disney Vault and debuting on Blu-Ray for the first time February 7th, 2012. This classic and heartwarming tale is sure to charm a new generation with its unforgettable songs as well as exquisite animation that makes it one of the greatest love stories of all time.

Animated Disney Dog Movie

It was my all-time favorite movie growing up. I would watch it over and over again constantly that my parents had to actually buy 4 different VHS tapes because I would wear them out. My kids had never been introduced to this timeless classic though, so I was very excited when it arrived in the mail. Just imagine kids at Christmas time and how they jump around, well, that was me when this arrived at my door step. Thankfully the kids weren’t around so I decided to surprise them with it the following night for our movie night.

If you have not been introduced to Lady & The Tramp before let me fill you in on what you are missing out on.  A classic love story unfolds in this traditional Disney film. Lady, a cocker spaniel lives a pampered life in a gorgeous house with parents Jim Dear and Darling when she finds herself falling romantically for Tramp, a street smart pooch without any prospects. Even though they go on several dates and have fun together, including an amazing spaghetti dinner at Tony’s restraint, their relationship is strained not only by Lady’s loyalty to her family, including the newborn baby, but by Tramp and his devil may care attitude that eventually gets Lady in trouble and tossed into the dog pound. Good-hearted Tramp redeems himself by saving the newborn baby from a potentially harmful intruder, and wins lady’s love as well as the love affection from her human family.

The movie is still the same classic story but the animation is brought to a whole new level. It’s still the classic animation that the original film was released in but the colors and details in the movie actually pop now. The color restoration within in the film is just incredible. Who knew that Tramp was actually Tan colored? That’s one of the little surprises of color in the movie. When Tramp is clean that is after all he does roam the streets which is probably where the gray coloring comes in. Normally I am not a huge fan of studios editing color but this was done brilliantly.

Introducing my kids to this classic tale was the highlight of the movie though. My kids have never seen this film before and there reaction was just as I expected it would be.  They sat through the whole entire picture without saying a word. They would laugh and giggle, they even shared in the joy of Lady & The Tramp enjoying their spaghetti. The one surprise was my two year old who normally has issues sitting still, she sat through the whole entire movie and this is her new favorite Disney movie. She is constantly asking to watch it. I don’t mind because I love the movie just as much as she does.

The Blu-Ray bonus features are a treat as well. I am not all that big on bonus features in movies for the most part but there are a couple that are must see. The first is the 3 never before seen deleted scenes.  I won’t spoil it for anyone but check them out. Next is the Classic DVD Bonus’s: Lady’s Pedigree: The Making of Lady and the Tramp. This is very interesting to see, my fiancée and I both enjoyed watching this bonus. It’s not really for the younger kids but my 7 and 5 year old enjoyed it. They found it “cool”.  The last one is the Original 1943 Storyboard Version of the Film. This was incredible to watch to give you a glimpse into the world of how this timeless classic was actually made.

Overall I was more than thrilled with this Blu-ray combo pack. It added a different dimension to this timeless classic without taking away from the original classic that I knew and loved.  This tale is now enjoyed by my kids and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

You can pre-order the 2 Disc Diamond Edition of Lady and the Tramp on Amazon for $24.99. or the 3 Disc Diamond Edition of Lady and the Tramp for $27.99 which includes the Digital Copy as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.

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