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My family loves going to the zoo as well as the movies. They love seeing the animals at the zoo and the newest kid’s movies as well, but these aren’t always the main reason they want to go to these places. It’s for the soft pretzels we get at the zoo and movies. It’s always a treat for them and they love eating them. We have tried the store bought ones but the kids don’t really prefer them. I don’t want the long drawn out hassle of making them either, putting them in the oven, timing them, making sure they don’t burn, it’s a lot of work for a couple of pretzels.

Nostalgia Electric designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of small electric appliances. Their products are innovative and fun, from popcorn makers, to old time loves like mini donuts, and cotton candy they have small appliances that are useful and perfect for entertaining. Whether you are entertaining a house full of people and need a fondue fountain or you are just looking for something fun for the family like a popcorn maker they have a wide selection of fun small appliances.

Soft Pretzel Maker Review

Nostalgia Electric sent me their Soft Pretzel Factory to help my kid’s cravings for soft pretzels and the pretzel maker has been in use since the day we received it.

What’s in the box? The maker itself is packed tightly to prevent damage to the maker. There are 4 plates, 2 for the larger pretzels (makes 2) and 2 for the smaller ones (makes 6).  Then there are two pretzel cutters one for the large pretzel and one for the small one. Lastly the instructions, the instructions teach you how to use the machine along with providing great pretzel recipes like Traditional Soft Pretzels, Bavarian Pretzels and Whole Grain Pretzels to name a few.

We decided to try out one of the recipes in the back of the book. We tried the Bavarian pretzels, made the dough and got it all ready to be rolled out. This did take about 20 minutes to make, by letting it rise and everything because we were using active dry yeast. You can cut this time down by just purchasing your favorite pretzel dough. Once the dough was rolled out then the fun began with cutting the pretzels with the included pretzel cutters. Roll the dough out to about a 1/3”-1/2” thick. The pretzel cutters are pretty simple, if you have used spring type cookie cutters before you will have no problems. If not, just stick the cutter in the dough like you would do with a normal cookie cutter, press it down, I wiggle it a little to make sure they are cut, not too much so you don’t edit the cut. Once you do that if the dough sticks just push the button down and the spring with push the dough out from the cutter. Simple as that!

Once we had the pretzels cut we prepared a “pretzel bath” which consists of baking soda and water in pan. You dunk the pretzel in this picture for about 30 seconds on each side. This is tricky because getting it out can be a pain and really distort your pretzel. We used a spatula that had holes in it so it drained the water. With the pretzels out of their “bath” we placed them on the pre-heated pretzel plates inside the maker, don’t forget to grease the irons so they don’t stick. Sometime we had to manipulate the pretzel to make its shape but for the most part we just slid them on. Closed the lid and snapped the lock on the handle to lock the machine so the pretzels would be pressed together and cook!

We decided to put our pretzel embellishments together while the pretzels were baking. We had a mix of cinnamon & sugar, sea salt and of course nacho cheese for dipping. Included in the instructions are some dip recipes as well including, Beer Cheese Dip, Honey Mustard and Peanut Butter so there is a ton of options.

The pretzels take about 3-5 minutes to make, when they are completed use a wooden spoon or spatula something that won’t scratch the surface of the plates/irons. Brush some butter on the tops of them and sprinkle with salt or cinnamon sugar or keep them plain and dip them!  If making more than one batch put them on the lowest setting in your oven while you make the others this way they won’t get cold.

Overall I love how simple and easy to use the Soft Pretzel Factory is. The directions could be a bit more detailed, like how thick to make them nothing that guesstimating cannot take care of though.  The pretzel factory is easy to use and makes the perfect treat for adults and kids alike.

You can purchase the Soft Pretzel Factory on Amazon for $26.99.

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