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The other day I decided to undertake a major task, cleaning my computer. I am not talking wiping it down or getting the dust out of the keys. I undertook the task of cleaning the inside of my computer and organizing all my files, pictures, and documents. This was a job I had been dreading for ages.

Like it or not I have a ton of files on this computer that I really don’t need being a blogger kind of ads to the mess as well. With press releases, pictures, product announcements and so on it makes 149GB look like 1 MB after a while. So I started on my quest to organize everything in my computer and take it off of the computer. Our portable USB drives were perfect for this occasion, only one problem; I have no idea which one is which. Being that my fiancée works on computers he has these types of drives as well and they get mixed up. Sure, I try and label them but labels come off so I am stuck with plugging each one in, figuring out who it belongs to, unplugging it and so on. It’s a hassle.

Character USB Flash Drive

That’s when Mimoco walked into my with the ultimate solution to recognizing our USB flash drives from one another, there solution is designer USB Flash Drives. Mimoco take flash drives to a whole new level with creativity as well as performance.  They have fused the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices which made its name known in both the pop culture driven Arty Toy underground and the savvy high tech world. Their mission is to bring style and soul to consumer electronics.

The distinctive Mimobot line offers 2GB to 64GB of flash memory storage for all your most precious music, documents, pictures and personal data. The collection is available in many co-branded iconic ranges from Star Wars, Batman and even Hello Kitty to name a few.

Mimoco sent me their latest, newest addition to their iconic line called Legends of Mimobot, which features the brilliant and most influential physicist of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein. When he arrived I was more than a little excited, I was beyond excited. This little guy features preloaded Mimory and the MimoDesk personalization suite which has Einstein themed wallpapers, icons and even avatars. Best of all he has 4GB of space for me to use as well as being a limited issue which makes this all the more special.

He functions just like any other USB flash drive does but the bonus is when the cap comes off Einstein is sticking his tongue out at you which my kids got a real kick out of. Even my computer geek fiancée who is very picky about his computer accessories got a major kick out of it and when I told him it was for me he did pout, just a bit.

Its super easy to use even for the most computer challenged person, you just pop the cap off and slide it in your USB port and let it do its work. I decided that Einstein would best be used for all my documents seeing as he is a brilliant mind and documents contain information. It’s easy for me to remember what’s on the drive that way instead of the pesky labels that might mess up Einstein. Then I clicked on eject the device and all completed.

Einstein made organizing my computer much easier and telling drives apart from one another even easier. I love that I can tell who the drive belongs to and what’s in it just by looking at it. The variety that Mimoco offers is amazing and I am looking forward to purchasing their Star Wars ones since I am a Star Wars nerd at heart. This drive helped me organize my life a lot better and do it in a very stylish way as well.

You can purchase your own Albert Einstein USB Flash Drive from Mimoco in a variety of size starting at $17.95

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  1. Thank you for addressing the problem of never knowing which one has what on it, I always forget and used labels as well that would rip and stick, so the different design tip is awesome:)

  2. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I learned that their line offers 2GB to 64GB of flash memory storage which covers just about every need one might have. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  3. Ilearned that I really need these.

  4. I definitely need to get some ‘designer’ flash drives. I can never remember which one has my photos, which one is for work, etc. These are cute too!

  5. Kristina Sullins says:

    I like that is is really easy to use!