Smart and Safe Earphones by dBLogic Great For Running

Smart and Safe Earphones

Smart and Safe Earphones

I received a pair of dBLogic Earphones this week in mail and they arrived just in time for my first 5k on Saturday. I have been looking for a new pair of earbuds to run the race in and have found nothing extremely comfortable, that would also stay in place while running. I was pleasantly surprised when I took a run this afternoon wearing my new dBLogic earbuds. They were easy to put in, super comfortable and stayed in place the entire run. Something unique that I liked about these earphones that set that apart from others I’ve tried is the double silicon rubber eartips. These earphones blocked out any noise around me I could focus on the music. I like the listen to my music loud but these earphones are specially designed to limit sound pressure to 85dB, based on guidelines by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The sound quality is crystal clear and there is little to no feedback noise from the cable movement while running.

Earphones for Running

dBLogic Earphones are my new go to earphones for running, partially because of how you wear them. The dBLogic EP-200V Smart Volume Control Earbuds fit a little differently from the traditional earphones. They are worn with the cable facing up and wrapped around the ear. This ensures that the earphones are positioned in the ear canal the correct way, creating a tighter fit and blocking out surrounding environmental noise and thus creating better sound quality. I love that the earphone cables can be worn around the back of the head to cut down on feedback from the cable movement. I did also wear them the traditional way with the cable down and although they were still comfortable, I did notice more feedback that way, at least while running. I will most likely wear them the traditional, cable down way, when taking walks with my kids! I also liked that they felt more secure than normal earbuds when worn with the cable facing upwards. The dBLogic EP-200V Smart Volume Control Earbuds retails for $34.95 on their website.

dBLogic also offer full size headphones with same smart volume control as the earbuds, if that is what you prefer! You can follow dBLogic on Facebook for the latest product information.

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