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Traveling with 4 children is a nightmare, especially with two younger children. It’s hard to keep them occupied so they don’t start getting restless. Short car trips aren’t a problem but anything over a half an hour we run into problems. Screaming, yelling, kicking seats, fighting with each other are just some of the problems. We try and bring activities for them to have in their backpacks but most of the time they get bored and start making trouble.

Audiovox makes our car trips so much easier with their 9 inch swivel screen portable DVD player. This portable DVD player is truly a life saver for us. Once it arrived I was excited but did not let the kids know about it. Mom has to have some surprises up her sleeve. Since we already had a universal car mount for the DVD player we didn’t need to go out and get one so while naptime was in progress I installed it in the car. Would the kids notice it was there?

Best Portable DVD Player for Cars

We have had a DVD player in the car before but it broke so we haven’t had one in about a year. I wasn’t really sure my kids were all that observant of the little things in the car. The next day we were heading over to grandma’s house so we all piled in the car and sure enough they noticed. The garage filled with screams of joy and jumping around. We popped in their favorite DVD and away we went. Our hour car tripe was blissful; filled with peace and quiet with only minor laughs in between and the sounds of the DVD in the background.

The portable DVD player from Audiovox is a 9 inch display screen which is perfect. It’s a very good size for the car and everyone is able to see without any problems. I love that it isn’t any smaller than this because then we might just have I can’t see screams on our hands. With a 640 x 234 resolution and 16:9 aspect ration the picture is impeccable, no lines or fuzziness to the picture, we get a crisp, clean and clear picture just like our other TV’s. The screen swivels which I wasn’t exactly sure why we would need something like that but we use the swivel much more than I thought we would. It doesn’t just turn a bit from side to side it is a full 270 degree swivel.

Sound is a big thing because if it’s not the correct volume I will hear,” I can’t hear it, turn it up.” The sound on the Audiovox portable DVD player is amazing. The kids can fully hear the sound at even a low level with no static or interference and best of all the stereo speakers are built right into the player itself so no need to install outside speakers in the car. The player comes with 3.5mm headphone jack because sometimes we just don’t want to listen to the same DVD over and over again like our kids do. The headphones plug into the player and give amazing sound as well.

The Audiovox Portable DVD player comes with an internal rechargeable Li-polymer battery, an AC adapter as well as a DC car adapter. This player plugs right into your outlet in your car and what I love is that it’s lightweight enough to bring in the house and plug it into the wall to charge it. I can even stash it in one of my larger handbags when we arrive somewhere and plug it into the wall. It’s amazing, this way it stays charge 99% of the time. It has a 4 hour playback so if you don’t charge it; it will still play for about 2 movies.

The player comes with a remote control as well so there is no need to stop and push play or rewind causing accidents or even unhappy children. Most of the time I let my oldest handle the remote and she is a whiz at it.

Normally these DVD players are known for the car but I use ours constantly for other things other than in the car. I have used it when I want to watch my own movie in bed at night for some “me time.” Traveling with it is something I am looking forward to. I can pack up a couple of DVD’s for the kids when we go on vacation and with the Audio/Video outputs we can watch DVD’s in the hotel room. We also use it as a treat for my oldest two children, since they like to lie in bed at night and watch a movie this allows them to set it on their nightstands and fall asleep to a movie.

Overall I am really impressed with everything the Audiovox Portable DVD player has to offer. It offers great sound as well as picture and so much versatility. It allows our family to enjoy movies all the time whenever and wherever we want. This player isn’t just for children, adults can enjoy this as well especially on the go. It’s perfect for traveling because of the lightweight and compact design.

You can purchase the Audiovox 9 inch swivel screen portable DVD player for $129.99 or you can win it at the upcoming Mother’s Day event.

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