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I love taking pictures. I often borrow my mom’s new DSLR camera when we go on little trips to the zoo, or aquarium just so I can take pictures. Since she doesn’t have a camera bag or anything I have to shove the camera in my purse and sometimes I forget that it’s in there. Which means no pictures. Then I found a company called Mod Strap which sells fashionable camera accessories from modern camera straps, lens covers, and bags they have everything a photographer or a mom who loves to take pictures would need.

Designer Camera Straps

Mod straps is a mother/daughter owned business and started from Amber’s love of photography. She searched high and low to find a fashionable camera strap for her camera. Everywhere she looked had basic styles and limited color options, with such a limited selection she sent out to make her own camera strap using her existing one as a template. With stylish fabrics that have vibrant colors and textures, her grandmother’s old sewing machine and the help of Jeannie, her mom, Mod Straps took it’s shape.

Mod Straps sent me their Brown & Teal Circle Premium Camera Strap and from the moment it arrived I have been using it. I had already had my mom’s camera because of our weekend trip coming up so I immediately put it on the camera.

The first thing that I noticed about it was how vibrant the colors actually are. When looking at them on a computer screen they looked a little muted but they weren’t at all when I saw it up close. The strap is Teal in color with brown and sage colored accent colors and is just gorgeous. It is adjustable as well so it can go all the way to 48” which is perfect if I want to carry it over my shoulder like a purse instead of around my neck when I am taking pictures. The strap is a decent width as well being 1.75” so it’s not extra bulky but not paper thin at the same time so I know it won’t break from the weight of the camera.

The backing is my favorite, it is backed with a very soft minky fabric that is brown and coordinates really well with the front of it. I love the minky on the back because often times I have the camera around my neck and it prevents the chaffing that normal camera straps sometimes cause. No more scratchiness on my neck just softness. It’s like have a blanket under your camera strap. It doesn’t leave marks on my neck either that sometimes happen due to the weight of the camera. It is just perfect.

The ends of the strap are leather which is another amazing feature. I know that it will hold up to the constant use that it has been receiving lately. It has quick release tabs located on the bottom of the straps so I can release the camera whenever I would want to and reattach it with ease.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the camera strap I received from Mod Straps. It’s fashionable, durable, and unique. I know this will stand up to the constant use it has been receiving over the past week.

I love that even if you don’t have a DSLR or an SLR camera Mod Straps has camera accessories for your compact camera as well. They have a huge selection of fabric choices available and picking out your favorite one might be hard.

You can purchase the Premium Camera Strap on Amazon or at Mod Straps.

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