Best Storybook App for Kids Disney’s Tangled: Storybook Deluxe App

Tangled Storybook App

We are in the age of the Igeneration where everyone has some form of Idevice around the house, whether it’s an Iphone, Ipod Touch, or Ipad. These devices bring a whole new way to learning and teaching as well as fun for children of all ages.

February 27th marked the release of Tangled: Storybook Deluxe app for Ipad, Ipod Touch and Iphone and is one of the  first full length interactive storybook app to integrate specially rendered film animation, which invites children and Disney fans of all ages to re-live the classic tale.

Disney Publishing Worldwide worked closely with Walt Disney Animated Studios for the ultimate reading experience which features both brand new animation and actual film content that can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices. Disney Publishing is committed to making their stories accessible to children across all platforms, which allows them to read wherever, whenever, whatever and however they want with Disney DigitalBooks.

Best Storybook App for Kids

Tangled: Deluxe Storybook was a lot of fun for the kids. My son wasn’t all that interested in the story but my girls flipped over it. They loved the movie and the storybook is just as good with an array of fun activities for kids to experience. Children can put together a variety of puzzles made from images of the movie. The pieces are large in size so it’s perfect for toddlers. There are a variety of coloring pages as well that feature Rapunzel, Flynn and Maximus. Children just touch the colors on the color palette and then drag it to where they want the color in the image.

The floating lanterns game was a huge hit with the older kids. The lanterns are different colors and float from the bottom all the way up to the top just like in the movie. Kids match up like colored lanterns to make them disappear, if the screen fills up with lanterns the game is over. With Easy, Medium and Hard levels little ones can play as well. Warning this game is addicting!

The storybook interaction provides many different options, kids can have the story on narration so the words are read to them as they follow along with the words on the screen lighting up. Or they can turn off the narrative and record themselves reading their story. Rated for children 4+ this app is even perfect for toddlers as well with some minor adult supervision. The video clips included are an added bonus to this app. They are visually stunning and just like the movie.

Overall my girls love this new app, and my son loves the game included so it appeals to both boys and girls. I would say toddlers would enjoy it as well because everything is easy enough for them to interact with, without getting frustrated. I could also see a 10 year old enjoying the story as well as the game. I won’t lie I love the game as well. It’s priced reasonably especially since it has a variety of features that different ages like.

You can purchase Tangled Storybook Deluxe App for $6.99 for all Idevices.

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