Bras For Curvy Women The Lottie by Curvy Kate

Sometimes being a larger size is a bit difficult there isn’t as many cute clothes or bra’s for that matter. Now I am not a large size because of my height but I am not small either but I still like the girly looking things and not what is more commonly referred to as “granny” bras. I am still a … [Read more...]

Omega 3 Vitamins Ultimate Omega from Nordic Naturals

One thing I have been trying to do is eat healthier and with my diet starting soon I know that I might need to take vitamins. Vitamins are very important for children but most of my life I haven’t taken them, well I should say, adult life. They don’t exactly make Flintstone’s vitamins for adults but … [Read more...]

Prom Fashion Inspiration Inspired By The Muppets

Prom season is here and every girl is searching for that perfect dress. Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to fashion. These prom looks are chic, classy and gorgeous and inspired by none other than those adorable little Muppets. Miss Piggy, Animal and Kermit inspired the following … [Read more...]

Designer Fragrance For Women Jessica Simpson I Fancy You

Being a mom and working at home I am often not out and about without baby spit up on me or a disheveled looking appearance. I hardly have time to do my hair or nails let alone put on makeup. The one thing that makes me feel like a woman again and something that I always have on is a fragrance. I … [Read more...]

Jelly Watches for Women The Clock Watch at J3ll

Deep down I am a budding fashionista especially when it comes to accessorizing. Accessories can really make or break an outfit. I cannot even tell you how many times I have seen people all dressed up and sporting the worst accessories. Accessories that are way too big or accessories where you look … [Read more...]

Best Casual Shoe For Women Ahnu Crissy Shoe

Spring is here and I am so happy about it. Not only is the weather nicer and the clothes are lighter and brighter. The shoes also have more of your foot showing, become strappier as well as breathe better. I love my gym shoes but I am so over them and I am ready to break out my new favorite pair of … [Read more...]