Designer Shoes For Less at Shoe Connection

I love when I have the chance to score a good deal especially on stuff I don’t exactly need but would love to have, mostly shoes. Designer shoes can be expensive but I feel that every woman must own at least one pair of designer shoes if not more. There is just something about them. Maybe it’s the … [Read more...]

Best Casual Shoe For Women Ahnu Crissy Shoe

Spring is here and I am so happy about it. Not only is the weather nicer and the clothes are lighter and brighter. The shoes also have more of your foot showing, become strappier as well as breathe better. I love my gym shoes but I am so over them and I am ready to break out my new favorite pair of … [Read more...]

Best Memory Foam Slippers with Open Toe from Natures Sleep

  Every girl has one necessity that they can’t live without, whether it’s a good handbag, a nice pair of shoes, or maybe even their favorite lip gloss. My I can’t live without item is slippers. After working for so many years and being on my feet all day, they are tired and worn out. Now … [Read more...]

Flip Flops with Arch Support Teva Mush

I have talked about, well mentioned, my shoe addiction previously about how much I love shoes. All styles, colors, but I still have a secret. I love summer so much that I wear flip flops all the time around the house. Yes, I am a flip flop wearing woman! I have one pair of flip flops that I have … [Read more...]

High Fashion Heels from Luichiny Shoes

I love heels however I cannot wear them all that much for a couple of reasons. First it’s hard to find heels that are truly comfortable and as much as I love wearing them my feet hate them. Second is I am already tall, 6 feet so heels are normally made for people who want height but weren’t blessed … [Read more...]

Clog Sandals For Women The Victoria from Ugglebo

  There is something about shoes, especially heels. Heels can make me feel sexy but can be very painful at the same time. My mom once told me that being beautiful requires pain. Being as stubborn as I am I had to reply well not for me, I mean who likes pain? A new pair of shoes can do … [Read more...]