Steam Mop For Home the HAAN Agile SI40 Steam Mop

We had our floors redone a couple of months ago, gorgeous hardwood floors that are simply stunning! That means that the whole main floor is hardwood and tile (in the kitchen) so a regular mop has been my nemesis for a couple of months now. I already have back problems and the mop doesn’t do my back … [Read more...]

Wall Mural Stencils Paws Park from My Wonderful Walls

I will admit that I am sort of crafty. I can do little crafts with kids, I can sew a little bit and I can knit a square or crochet a blanket but that’s about it. I am not talented at painting or drawing at all. If I drew a horse it would come out like a stick figure horse, that’s how talented I … [Read more...]

Spring Floral Arrangements from Teleflora

Our family is full of traditions some that I love and others that we carry on just because it makes our family members happy. One of the traditions I love the most is springtime in my house. I love flowers and when I met my fiancée on the first day of spring he would get me a beautiful arrangement … [Read more...]