NuMe Fashionista Flat Iron Review

When it comes to hair, as a woman, a new hair style can make you feel like a million bucks. Whether it’s a trip to the salon or a new hair or even a new style it transforms us. I always feel much better about myself after a trip to the salon for a new style. It’s no wonder when I have a bad hair day it affects my day sometimes.

My hair is very unmanageable, it’s very thick and long, and it’s hard to hold curls in it so my hair style tends to be straight all the time with the occasional ponytail.  Anytime we are going out somewhere I have to go to the salon and get my hair done in order for anything to stay in, which gets to be rather expensive and is a pain.

NuMe Flat Iron Reviews

I was introduced to flat irons about a week or two ago from a company called NuMe when I was sent the NuMe Fashionista Flat Iron for review. I will admit that I knew nothing about flat irons before the Fashionista showed up on my door step, now I am not sure how I lived without it.

Since I was new to the world of flat irons I opened up the box and loved the case that it comes in. It is really easy to put away and store which I love. Most irons don’t have this so I can easily store it in our linen closet and it takes up next to no space at all.

NuMe Fashionista Flat Iron Review

One thing that I always have problems with especially since the weather has been rather cold is it is dry so there is a ton of static and frizz with my hair. The Negative Ion Technology reduces both of those things and provides me with shinier and manageable hair. The 100% tourmaline-infused ceramic plates help to prevent dry and damaged hair that can often be caused from using flat irons. The ergonomic design of the iron makes it easy to hold, handle and manipulate when I style my hair. The cord also swivels so when I am twisting my wrist the cord doesn’t get tangled around my arm.

Knowing those things about this iron is what actually sold me on trying a flat iron and I have never been happier. I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in and I have been using it every day since. There is an on and off switch on the inside of the iron away from the plates so you don’t burn yourself. It’s easy to flip on and I love that I don’t have to maneuver around the switch when styling my hair. Or worry about hitting a button to accidently turn it off. The plates heated up within seconds, other irons that I have tried, curling irons, tend to take forever to heat which is a pain when we are running late and I have a limited amount of time to get my hair done.

The Fashionista is really easy to use and while it comes with general styling instructions on the box, being a first time flat iron user I went to the NuMe website and checked out there video tutorials on Fashion News and Trends. There was nothing complicated about using the Fashionista or achieving a variety of different styles. From gorgeous curls to mermaid curls as well as prom hair styles their video gallery has a lot to offer.

The Fashionista glided gently through my hair and I had gorgeous curls afterwards. I used larger pieces of my hair so it took much less time to style my hair then when I go into the salon and have them do it for me. It didn’t take very long for me to finish my whole head of hair and the curl actually stayed in which surprised me. As I said before, it’s hard for curls to stand in my hair but they lasted through the night and into the next morning, which made me really happy. This iron doesn’t pull out any of my hair either like I have experienced with other curling irons and styling irons.

You do need to be careful with this flat iron because it does get hot and there isn’t a lot of room for your fingers at the end of the iron to hold it while you try and curl it. That’s the only thing I would change about this iron, make a little longer of a space for your fingers to be safe. I have never burnt myself on the iron by holding it at the end of it so if done right and carefully you won’t burn yourself.

Overall I love my new Fashionista Flat Iron that I received from NuMe. I have even been asked by my sister in law where I got it from and I was happy to hand over the information to her. This flat iron is amazing and even works on really thick hair which is amazing. It eliminates the frizz that comes with dry weather and thick hair, no more static! My hair is damaged as well and this flat iron leaves my hair looking healthy and it’s best all the time.

You can purchase the Fashionista from NuMe online for $165.

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