How To Fix Damaged Hair From Straightening With Surface Hair Care Products

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I was approached by a hair care company to do a review on a straightening product. I checked and ordered the one that was to be used on color treated hair. I followed directions, and I even did a test strand for 15 minutes before applying the product to my whole head. Well, sometimes things go awry, and more often than not, this will happen to me. I had my sister apply the product to my hair and within 2 minutes my hair had a rubber band texture and curled up on the ends. I was, to say the least, freaking out! I rushed to the bathroom to wash the nonsense out of my hair and applied the neutralizer, waited 10 minutes, rinsed and then applied again for safe measure in the same fashion. I had near waist-long hair, and I could tell when I was rinsing it that I was dealing with severe damage. Hair was coming out in clumps and breaking off in tiny pieces just from the rinse. I was too afraid to brush my hair and just applied conditioner in hopes that some miracle would happen. I had remembered when I did a review with Surface previously on Makobi Scribe, and was hopeful they would have a product that could help.


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Chemicals such as Bleach, perrmanent and semi permanent colors, Perms and straighteners are all very damaging and actually change the chemical structure of the hair fiber making the hair more susceptible to damage. Mecanical Damage can be caused from Harsh brushing, harsh combing, Rubbing the hair too harshly with a towel, and Abrasion from rubber bands, barrettes and other accessories. Just-washed hair is especially susceptible to mechanical damage. Heat from hot blow dryers, rollers, curlers and straightening irons are high offenders of damage. Environmental Damage such as the Sun's ultraviolet rays, Wind, and Salt water.

While I was waiting for my Surface Hair products to arrive, I had to go get a hair cut. My hair had gotten so bad that you could hear the brush ripping and breaking the ends as I tried to brush it. I had tried a few home remedies of oil, and it just wasn’t working. The hair cut ended up leaving me with bangs and 7 ” taken off the front, layers added, and 3″ off all around. I still had dry, brittle course hair that was just plain yucky to touch. It was a nightmare trying to get a comb through, and I dared not even try to comb it wet. Handfuls of hair all over my bathroom, shedding on the couch; It was all making me very sad. I had taken years to grow my hair out to the length I wanted.

How To Fix Damaged Hair From Straightening

Finally, the Surface products arrive, and I was in need of a good hair washing. I had started only washing my hair once a week and keeping it in a loose braid or bun. I was determined to fix my damaged hair from straightening, but I was too afraid to brush it! The first time I used the Trinity Strengthening Shampoo and conditioner. I used an average amount as directed and even washed it twice to clear out the excess oil. The conditioner was like most salon products, half the size of the shampoo which I always find dissatisfying with my long hair. After I got out of the shower, I really did not notice a substantial difference; however, with the application of the Trinity protein cream. The application was super easy because it was spray on which is my favorite way and less messy on my hands. My hair actually felt as if it was softer, easier to comb, and more manageable. I normally had crazy fly-aways and a few pieces that were super damaged framing my face. Before the Trinity products, I had to try to tuck the frazzled hair behind my ears. Now, I have been using Trinity Surface Hair care for over three and a half weeks. I wash my hair every other day and use the conditioner on for a few minutes. After I gently towel dry my hair, I apply the protein cream and Bassu hydrating shine spray.

Surface is very passionate about what they put in their products and think that education of healthy hair is improtant. Please take the time to scroll through the above pictures to read more about Surface Hair care. I keep touching my hair because it is so soft. After continued use there is a complete turn around and I am now a Surface-lifer. I would love to try out the sea salt spray for a textured look because I know that Surface only uses natural ingredients and is a brand that I trust. You can find these products at a Surface hair care salon near you. I am very lucky because the salon on my road carries their line! This is the most rewarding review I have ever done, and I am so thankful to Surface Hair Products. Any girl knows that her hair is very important. I have said time and time again, when you look good you feel good; and Surface helped make my year!

Want to know what is in Surface Products that makes them so great? Nothing but natural and vegan too!

Surface Vegan Protein and Botanical Moisture

Rebuild and moisturize all hair types from the inside out. Repair even the most extremely damaged hair and maximize all color and texture services. Heat styling maximizes Surface vegan protein and moisture reconstruction.

  • Amaranth – A beautiful, highly nutritious plant. The name Amaranth hails from the Greek word for “Never Fading Flower”.
  • Keravis – A copolymer of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and mineral silica
  • Soy – Complimentary source of protein and antioxidants.
  • Babassu – A penetrating oil from the seeds of the Brazilian Babassu Tree, also known as “The Tree Of Life”.
  • Aloe – Soothing healing properties.
  • Flax – Considered to be nature’s richest source of omega-3 fatty acids that are required for the health of almost all body systems.
  • Free of Animal and Wheat Protein (Gluten Free). Free of Mineral Oil
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