Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

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I have been blessed, wait, let’s say cursed with thick hair. I really hate it sometimes. While I don’t have to worry about things like thinning hair or balding I have to worry about frizz, tangles and super long drying times. I have owned numerous hair dryers over the years, most of them tend to stop working after a year or so but the one thing none of them have done for me is shorten my drying time. Having thick hair means that I need at least an hour to dry my hair. This will get it a damp dry as well where the ends are still damp but the rest of it is dry. An hour to dry my hair and my fiancée always wonders why it takes me so long to get ready, well, that’s the reason right there.

Is it really too much to ask that a hair dryer actually dry my hair in half the amount of time it normally takes? I thought that I was asking for a lot and while I don’t mind paying good money for a hair dryer I want one that is going to work right and be right for my hair.

Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

I was introduced to the Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer from Flat Iron Experts a couple of weeks ago and this is the first hair dryer that I have owned that I will never let go of.  This hair dryer is the elite hair dryer of all dryers! Named the TGR4000 it’s a high quality dryer with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology that emits a far infrared heat and negative ions that preserve the natural moisture in your hair and decreases your drying time by 50%. The TGR4000 is one hot little dryer with an extremely powerful airflow that reaches 80mph. That isn’t all of the features of this amazing dryer. It weighs only 18.34oz which is pretty light especially considering the technology that hides within the dryer itself.

This dryer is amazing for thick hair as well as for all hair types but being that I have very thick hair this is the one solution that I was looking for. When it arrived I wanted to jump in the shower just so I could test this baby out but I waited until later that night. We just happened to be going out that night so it was perfect. The dryer is very lightweight like I thought it would be. It also comes with two different nozzles for extra styling versatility. The cord is really long for a blow dryer, 14 feet and very thick and durable which I love. I don’t have to worry about cords fraying over the years because this one is thick. Then it was time for the test so I put the kitchen timer on an hour, which it normally takes and went to work.  At first I used the lowest setting on the dryer, this was pretty powerful itself, then I decided to bump it up a notch and use the higher setting. WOW! My hair was flying around and within about 20 minutes my hair was only damp on the ends. I decided to brush my hair and start drying again and 5 more minutes I was dry. I was very amazed my hair was dry in a bit less than a half an hour. The heat that the dryer gives off is hot but no hotter than any dryer that I have ever used. The dryer was warm but that was about it. For the amount of speed and heat the dryer gives off it doesn’t collect in the dryer itself which is awesome. No more hot dryers or not being able to put them away within minutes of using them.

I love that it comes with two nozzles so I can attach them on for a new style without going to the salon. The power from the dryer didn’t pop them off of the dryer either which they have done before on my previous dryer, which is why I hated them up until now.

Overall I am over the moon with the new dryer from Flat Iron Experts. It cuts my drying time in half and leaves my hair soft and silky which I love. It’s not heavy and the varied settings, even though there are only 2, I love because I might not always need a powerful dry but just a normal one. This is one of those investments that anyone and everyone should have. While it is a bit costly the dryer is worth every single penny. Your hair will love you for it. I know this dryer will last me for years to come and now thanks to this I am always ready on time and have no more nagging fiancée.

You can purchase The Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer for $174.85 from Flat Iron Experts.

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