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My family loves going to the zoo as well as the movies. They love seeing the animals at the zoo and the newest kid’s movies as well, but these aren’t always the main reason they want to go to these places. It’s for the soft pretzels we get at the zoo and movies. It’s always a treat for them and they love eating them. We have tried the store bought ones but the kids don’t really prefer them. I don’t want the long drawn out hassle of making them either, putting them in the oven, timing them, making sure they don’t burn, it’s a lot of work for a couple of pretzels. You can read the rest of my review here- Soft Pretzel Factory Review and you can enter to win your very own Soft Pretzel Factory by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.


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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.


  1. I learned they take about 20 min to make and that not only do you go to the zoo for the animals but the pretzels too:)

    I have one of their large floor standing popcorn makers and it’s awesome! I love pretzels too!

  2. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I learned that it comes with plates for 2 different sizes of pretzels.

  3. Lee Ann Cameron says:

    Your link to the RSS feed entry is not working

  4. You can make your own soft pretzels instead of going to the zoo

  5. You can make your own pretzel dough or use store bought dough. A booklet is included with recipes for different kinds of pretzels and different kinds of dips. When making more than one batch, keep the others warm in a warm oven.

  6. TRACEE KELLEY says:

    it only takes 20 mins to have great soft pretzels

  7. Yummy soft pretzels and the zoo. Two great reasons in my book too. Thank for the awesome giveaway.

  8. There are 4 plates for the maker. Two for larger pretzels and two for smaller pretzels.

  9. Sandy VanHoey says:

    A little faster if you buy the pretzel dough but otherwise about 20 minutes

  10. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    I learned that pretzels need a ‘bath’. I thought only bagels needed that

  11. robert hogan says:

    Seems once you get the hang of what you’re doing it would be a fun thing to use

  12. Chrystal S says:

    That they are pretty easy and fast to make.

  13. Allison Lancaster says:

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  14. I learned that they only take a few minutes to bake (20 minutes prep)….not bad for my pretzel craving – I LOVE pretzels and so does my toddler. A trip to the mall isn’t complete unless we stop by the pretzel place!