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Midnight Velvet Handbag
If you are anything like me you have the essentials. My wallet, various calendars (one for the kids, one for blogging and a combined one for the whole family), then I have my phone, my keys, lip gloss, hand cream, hand sanitizer, kids toys and the list goes on and on. I have way too much in my purse but all of these things I couldn’t leave home without. If I forgot just one of those things, which has happened before, I would be lost or have to run back home and get it.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.


  1. Jessica Hays says:

    They are made of good quality materials to stand the everyday wear and tear!!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  2. I learned that the company was founded in 1987.

  3. Judy Bradley says:

    I learned the company was founded the same year my house was built – 1987. I love the tote you received!

  4. Judy Bradley says:

    I would love the Metallic Leather Handbag.

  5. that you can use the purse for different thing form dinner to party

  6. I had learned that the company was founded in 1987.

  7. Rebecca Peters says:

    I learned that Midnight Velvet was founded in 1987

  8. i learned that their high quality and store alot

  9. i like the handpainted butterfly bag

  10. I learned that you carry alot of stuff!! At least three calendars! (one for the kids, one for blogging and a combined one for the whole family!!) Wow!!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  11. Kim Reid says:

    The bags are high quality at Midnight Velvet and very versatile, dressing up or down!

  12. Midnight Velvet was founded in 1987 and they have fashion merchants that are constantly traveling to exotic locations around the world to find products.

  13. Michelle Tucker says:

    I like that you can dress down or use them for a night on the town. Nice bags!
    michedt at yahoo dot com

  14. Tonya Dean says:

    They also have exotic home décor.


  15. Michelle Tucker says:

    I really like the Sabre Thong by Andiamo.

  16. Tonya Dean says:

    I would love to have the Gratus Pure Street Shoe by Skechers.


  17. chrystal says:

    both are really cute, but i love the zebra print one!!!