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Princess Diaries Combo Pack

The modern day princess fairytale comes to life on Blu-Ray for the first time with the release of Disney’s Princess Diaries 1 & Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement on a 3 disc combo pack which is available in stores now. This features the Princess Diaries collection all in one package.

Starring the Academy Award Winning Actress Julie Andrews  and Academy Award-Nominated Actress Anne Hathaway these two heartwarming and hilarious movies will touch your heart and have you laughing til the end. As the future queen of Genovia, Princess Mia (Hathaway)  has everything a girl could want except the romance that she has always wanted. Comic complications rule the day in these delightfully engaging stories about finding out who you really are and discovering what it takes to make all your dreams come true!

Relive all the magic and excitement of these two beloved favorites on this 3-Disc Combo Pack, which includes a DVD of each film and the Blu-ray disc with both films. Share the laughter and the love for the first time on Disney Blu-ray.

If you are not familiar with the Princess Diaries here is a quick synopsis of each film.

The Princess DiariesMia Thermopolis is the average teenager – sweet, a little geeky and pretty much invisible to everyone with the exception of her mother, best friend Lilly and Lilly’s older brother Michael. Making it through high school without throwing up is a challenge in itself for Mia, so it doesn’t come as welcome news when her estranged grandmother shows up out of the blue and calmly informs her that she is in fact the heir to the throne of a European country called Genovia. Mia’s life is then thrown into complete overload. Being taught about scarves, waves and pears in order to become the perfect princess, she gets a makeover and a tough looking yet sweet bodyguard/limo driver called Joe. Things get out of hand when the media gets a hold of the story and suddenly Mia is thrust into the spotlight in both the newspapers and in school. On top of all that Mia has a choice to make. She must decide by Genovia’s Independence Day Ball whether she longs to relinquish her claim to the throne or to become the princess and heir to the throne that her father and grandmother want her to be.

The Princess Diaries 2This modern-day fairy tale picks up right where The Princess Diaries left off!  As future queen of Genovia, Princess Mia (Hathaway) has everything a girl could want – except the magical romance she’s always dreamed of.  Soon, Mia’s shocked to discover that she needs to get married right now or her family will lose the crown!  Comic complications rule the day in this delightful family story about finding out who you really are and discovering what it takes to make your dreams come true!

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  1. angela m says:

    Yes I have seen them before, This would be for my daughter if I won.

  2. of course and for myself!

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    Yes I’ve seen it. This would be a gift for my mother.

  4. No but my husband has and he recommends it.

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    I’ve seen part 1.. not part two. And it would go on my dvd shelf =)

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    I’ve definitely see this before. We’d keep this for ourselves at home!

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    I have seen this would be for my daughter who has not seen them yet. eaglesforjack@gmail.com

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    i have seen it and i would give it to my daughter