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Organic Plant Food

I never was a gardener until last year.  I live in a townhouse, so the only planting I can do is in pots on my patio, so I have to be selective in what I plant.  Last year, we planted peppers, herbs, tomatoes, and peas.  We actually had great success, and it's made me want to do it again this year!  It was so nice to just walk out to the patio when I needed a pepper or some herbs for a meal I was making instead of trying to plan ahead by buying it at the grocery store.

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Now, I haven't planted my vegetables yet this year, but I plan on doing that this weekend.  Last year, I wasn't super impressed by the size of my vegetables and I have some damage from garden pests, so I decided I'd start looking for other potting soil and plant food options.  I refused to use garden pest control last year because I didn't want chemicals on the food that we were eating.  I came across Whitney Farms organic plant foodWhitney Farms® is a division of Scotts Miracle Gro, so I know right off the bat that I'm getting quality.  Whitney Farms carries plant foods, container soils, specialty soils, in ground soils, mulches, weed killer, and even garden pest control products. The best part is that they're all of Whitney Farms products are organic, and thus better for us and the environment!

What I'm looking forward to using the most is their organic soil.  It contains kelp and alfalfa meal and is made from all natural and organic ingredients.  It will feed plants for up to two months, and when compared to regular potting soil, will grow plants faster and much healthier!  Combine with that one of their many potting soils and garden pest control products, and you'll be guaranteed a bigger, better, and more beautiful garden!  I hope my vegetables grow so big this year that I actually get a fine from the Homeowner's Association for having too much "stuff" on my patio.  

All of Whitney Farms® products have low to no dust, no manure odor, are easy to apply, contain beneficial microbes, and contain specially designed protein-based blends that provide your plants with macro and micronutrients that they need to really thrive!  Don't take my word for it – try it for yourself!  They have a $3 off coupon that you can use to try their wonderful products out for yourself!  Now while I'm stuck to just my pots again this year, I know that someday in the near future, with the help of Whitney Farms, I'm going to have a garden that looks more like this:

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Happy planting!


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