We Are a White Castle Family

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Castle for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are a White Castle family.  I've been eating White Castle sliders with my dad since I was only about 18 months old, and one of the fondest memories I have of us together when I was little was standing at the counter with him holding me up on his knee so I could watch them flip the burgers through the little window.  They always had this cool assembly-line way of making the classic sliders and I thought it was so cool when I was young.  Here in MN, most of the White Castles were in closer to the cities, so it wasn't easy access for me since I lived in the suburbs.  Fortunately, White Castle got their act together a few years ago and put a brand new store just down the street from me.  Now we go there all of the time, and now I'm raising a family of Cravers too.  In fact, we don't leave anyone in our family out when it comes to satisfying the crave! (Just don't forget to hold the onions!)

Now, you might think there's nothing better than a White Castle slider, but I beg to differ.  FREE White Castle sliders are the best!  If you Join Craver Nation! you get 2 free sliders just for joining, but the offer ends July 31st, so don't put it off!  Plus, once you've joined, you can participate in really cool challenges and have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes!  Right now they've got the Slider Glider challenge where you cover a slide with all of your favorite White Castle slider condiments and then video yourself as you slide right through them, or the Crave Toss, where you decorate your cornhole beanbag platform to resemble White Castle and use sliders instead of beanbags!  Both of these challenges can win you awesome prizes, plus, they just sound like fun!  I mean, who didn't watch Double Dare as a kid and want to slide down that slippery slide? 

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Lastly, for those of you who don't have a White Castle near you, I offer my condolences.  May I suggest that you plan a roadtrip this summer and make a point to visit at least one White Castle along the way?  I assure you, no distance is too far to drive to be able to experience the White Castle craving.  

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