Using Biomass Fuel Energy

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Pellet Stoves are Awesome

In order to save money as well as be more socially responsible, I am interested in using biomass fuel energy to heat my home.  If you aren't familiar with biomass fuel, I will summarize it for you.  Basically, the fuel is made from renewable resources from plants, vegetable oils as well as municipal and industrial waste.  Instead of this waste piling up in our landfills, we can use it for a number of uses.  Unlike other fuel sources that give off harmful carbon dioxide, the biomass fuel, the carbon footprint is negated by using plants which will be absorbed by the plants used.  Not only is this type of fuel better for our planet, it is extremely cost effective to the everyday consumer as well as our economy overall.  If we are able to acquire energy in this fashion, there won’t be a need to go to other oil producing countries for their fuel.  What that means for your family, is that you can heat your home with a stove that burns biomass fuel, saving your family a considerable amount of money.  When it comes to stoves that can provide your family with a clean burning fire is Harman.

The Harman Company, started by Dane Harman in 1979, has made a name for itself by selling a line of premium products for your home.  Now, 30 years later, Harman sells 36 models of pellet stoves, inserts and home heating units. The Harman Company has designed a line of pellet stoves that are “Built to a standard, not a price.”  The pellet stoves from Harman are easy to use; the upkeep is minimal, is sleek in design and is made with cutting edge technology.  The Harman Pellet Stoves come in several styles and sizes and can easily fit into any decor  in most spaces and can even be added into your existing fireplace.  The heat produced in the Harman pellet stoves are a fiscally as well as socially responsible alternative to traditional fuel burning options.  By adding a Harman pellet stove to your home, you will save approximately 44% on your heating and 47% on your electric costs and costs 53% less than the often used propane heat.  If the savings on your heating costs wasn't enough, the federal government is allowing you to take a 10% tax credit of up to $300 on qualifying biomass burning appliances, which includes biomass burning stoves like those from Harman. Its no wonder that Harman has become a popular heating alternative.

Saving Money On Your Heating Costs

I am sure every family is looking for ways of saving money on your heating costs.  No matter the size of your home, heating it is one of the biggest expenses you will have during the winter months.  I live in a smaller home of about 1,200 sq., and we spend well over $100 per month to heat it.  Using a Harman pellet stove makes the most sense to me to heat our home effectively, efficiently while being eco-friendly.  The Harman Company offers 8 pellet stoves to choose from and can heat a home the ranges in size from 800 to 3,900 square feet.  With its exhaust sensing technology, the temperature is constantly monitored and will adjust your heat levels within 1 degree.  The stoves are very easy to take care of and maintain as many of the styles allow you to burn up to a ton of pellets before emptying the hopper.  With many sizes and styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits best with your home and your heating needs.  If you are looking for a solid product that can keep your family comfortable and warm while it is cold outside and lower your heating costs, Harman is the most sensible choice.

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