Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Stretch Anklet from Good To Be You

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Ever since I can remember I have always loved wearing something around my ankle. I have no idea why, my mom tells me that she never put ankle bracelets on me when I was little but I love them. Most women that like jewelry normally wear a necklace or rings, besides wedding rings, or even a bracelet but I am the type that loves something around my ankle.

I am picky when it comes to my jewelry so I will not wear much but there is one thing that I have worn around my ankle for years. It’s a charm bracelet but it’s on my ankle. Yep, it’s a bracelet I just wear it on my ankle. It jingles and rattles and clangs together when I walk or move but it’s been on my ankle for about 10 years and a day has not passed by that I haven’t worn it. It holds meaning to me because each charm was given to me by friends or family. Each one is a reminder of a moment in time or a person and believe it or not most of them have a hilarious story along with them. Like a specific drink charm belongs to my friend because I ordered the wrong drink for him when we were out and now I can never order the wrong thing for him again because it’s around my ankle. Not really haha funny but it is to me. No other anklet has ever come close to being beside it until….

I was approached by a little shop that sells the most amazing accessories. Good to Be You carries just about everything from jewelry to apparel. They carry all things that are fun and unique that pampers women like lingerie bags or wristlets. I have a handbag addiction so I tried to stay away from that section but I laid eyes on some pretty cute wristlets.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

I decided to do a review on one of their Swarovski Crystal Stretch Anklets.  Who wouldn’t like Swarovski Crystal Jewelry? Knowing that I have not taken off my anklet for 10 years but these anklets looked gorgeous so I figured why not? They have a variety of colors available so I chose the Light Sapphire on Silver tone because I am not a gold girl. It arrived and I ripped open that package and was totally blown back by this anklet, it is gorgeous! I will admit when I saw stretch I immediately thought, cheap, but it is not cheap looking at all. It’s subtle enough to draw the right amount of attention which is perfect for summer. Ladies dress up those feet and ankles for sandals! This anklet is perfect for adding a bit of style and sparkle to my ankle. It goes perfectly above my charm anklet or I can choose to take my anklet off and use just this one. I have worn it in the shower because that’s where I wear my other one as well. It’s held up fine. Now I wouldn’t do that often because jewelry and water don’t always get a long but it was perfect for the time I did it so on accident or spilling water won’t turn your anklet green!

Overall I love my anklet from Good to be you it gives my ankle right amount of style. It is perfect for teens as well as moms who want to add a little bit of sparkle to their ankle this summer season. It’s affordable as well and since it stretches there is no tightness or leaving marks on my ankle. Plus they are reasonably priced so it makes it perfect for adding a little sparkle this summer.

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