Healthy Snack For Kids At School Fiber One Chewy Bars

Healthy Snack For Kids At School

Being the main grocery shopper of the family everyone relies on me to get the food for the family. I love healthy snacks for my kids that also give them a bit of sweets to them without having to eat candy that can make them super hyper. Fiber One has come up with a wonderful healthy and delicious snack for everyone in the family with their Fiber One Chewy bars.

Fiber one chewy bars contain 20% of the daily value of fiber plus 10% of the daily value of calcium without the calories. Each bar has 100-110 calories and contain to high fructose corn syrup and with only 7-8 grams of sugar per bar are just the sweet healthy snack the kids need.

Healthy Snack For Kids At School

These bars are available in Chocolate and Strawberry PB&J chewy bars varieties and are perfect to shove in the diaper bag or your purse for on the go, or even packing in school lunches or beach bags. They come complete with peanut butter and/or chocolate bottoms for a healthy treat the kids will love.

We got the chance to try these out and I must say they did not last very long. I am not much of a chocolate person but I do love granola bars so I had to try one of the Strawberry PB&J and it was out of this world. It had a great peanut butter bottom along with taste and had little bits of strawberry jelly. It was delicious. The real test came from the kids though; they couldn’t get enough of the PB&J fiber chewy bars. They would constantly ask for them as an after school snack and because they are healthy I was happy to give them away.

The chocolate ones had subtle hints of chocolate and were loved by my fiancée and kids too. They loved the chocolate taste but the chewiness of the granola bars they love. Since they are only 100-110 calories they are the perfect snack for kids and adults.

These are great for adults and kids alike especially if you are looking for a very portable snack that is healthy. They make the perfect treat for a mid-day sweet craving too. They also will feature Box Tops for Education which is another plus and ideal for school aged children.

Overall I love that these bars are healthy and sweet at the same time. I get cravings sometimes, as well as the kids, and this hits that spot and is healthy. We are now big fans of the Fiber One Chewy bars.

You can stay up to date with Fiber One on Facebook to see what wonderful treats they might come up with next for you and your family.

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