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As an adult I know that I don’t always get all the nutrients that I need especially Vitamin C, I am very busy worrying about the kids most of the time that I forget about myself. This is why I try and buy foods that are good for everyone. I want my kids to have healthy foods that give them Vitamins and minerals that they need in order to keep them healthy and do the same for me as well.  I don’t want our snacks to be filled with calories and no vitamins.

One name that I have come to love over the years is Ocean Spray. Their juices are a staple in our house and we double our stash when colds are in season. I was really happy when I was invited to try their Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored snacks.

Fruit Snacks Gluten Free

So what’s so special about these fruit snacks? The Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored snacks are made with real fruit juices, natural colors and flavors. The snacks are made with apple, pear and cranberry juice concentrate and they aren’t meant to replace fruit in diets. When I first read that I knew that I was on board especially since there is just 80 calories, gluten free, and provides the 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C. These snacks are available in two flavor packages one is Berries & Cherries, which has Strawberry, Cranberry, Cherry and Blueberry. Or the Assorted Fruit which contains Grape, Lemon, Orange, Cherry and Strawberry.

The kids normally go crazy for fruit snacks; they love them but only certain kinds. My kids for some reason can taste the difference between the snacks and are picky about which kinds they like. My 2 year old will only eat Strawberry ones, you can try and trick her by giving her a grape or even cherry but she knows the difference and will spit it out so she was the critic that I knew would be perfect to test these. Since these snacks are made with apple, pear and cranberry juice concentrate I was a little worried we weren’t going to get anywhere with her.

They arrived and she knew from the shape of box what they were and wanted some, so I opened up a package of Berries & Cherries for her and away she went. She sat at her little table and sprawled the snacks out all over the table. I was surprised that there were so many in a package. There were about 10 on average in each package. She sat there examining them for a while before she separated them into piles. I knew the piles were going to be trouble. She normally separates the ones she wants and doesn’t however this time there were 3 piles. She sniffed them and then ate them, making all sorts of noises while she chewed them up. She looked like a fruit snack connoisseur, reminding me of a wine tester but with fruit snacks.

She moved through the separated piles of snacks one at a time in the same manner until all of them were gone. Her brother decided that he wanted some at this point and I gave him the Assorted Fruit, he was happy with them and told me he liked these and I should buy them from now on. While his back was turned Little Miss decided she was going to take her brothers remaining fruit snacks and eat them too.

Overall the Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored snacks were a huge hit even with my picky eater. The kids loved them because they came in a variety of flavors and tasted really good. I loved them because they are a healthy option for my kids to get their Vitamin C and are low in calories. I even tried them and I must say they are addicting. Once you try them it’s hard to stop eating them even for adults. I would love to see more of a variety in the flavors, maybe a tropical pack which could include Pineapple, Mango, Cherry, Strawberry and Orange. Or maybe even a Citrus pack with Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Pineapple.

Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored snacks are available at retailers nationwide.  You can connect with Ocean Spray on Facebook for up to date information.

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