Flea and Tick Prevention with the Adams Smart Shield Applicator

Flea and Tick Prevention

Spring has officially arrived. Where I live the days seem to be either summer or fall with the weather but I know soon I will have to worry about a couple things that the season will bring to my beloved baby, Buddy. I need to worry about fleas and ticks along with mosquitos. Now normally I don’t really blog about Buddy but he is just as important as any family member and when his health could be in jeopardy it matters. He is flea and tick free right now but I like to take preventive steps to make sure he stays that way during the peak season as well as keeping our family safe from them.

The Adam’s Smart Shield Applicator is a breakthrough in topical flea and tick control delivery device that provides an effective, and fast treatment that gets down to your pets’ skin, where those pesky bugs live, and helps keep the mess off of your hands. The Adam’s Smart Shield Applicator delivers a more confident, easy and secure application of Adam’s Flea & Tick Spot On topical treatment, this treatment starts killing fleas and ticks in 15 minutes and helps to prevent infestation in your home.

Flea and Tick Prevention

We are lucky enough that we have never had any issues with fleas and ticks probably because of the preventive measures I have taken but I hate to take chances so when we had the chance to review this one of a kind product for Buddy I had to take it. Prevention is always the best course of action when dealing with these little buggers! I don’t want them to view Buddy as a playground for them so flea and tick prevention is important. Upon the flea applicator’s arrival I was impressed at how tiny it actually was. It is compact and can fit in my hand perfectly but not only that, it’s super lightweight and easy to handle.

Flea and Tick Prevention

It was really easy to open by flipping the back open and inserting the medication thing into the applicator and then closing it, it will snap closed so you know it’s completely closed. No messy liquids seeping out or getting on your hands. The tip breaks open when you close the applicator so you don’t need to snip or cut anything.  My fiancée took the applicator and read the directions before applying it according to the directions on the package while pressing the circle that is located on top of applicator. The applicator is designed to part the hair and get deep down to the pet’s skin. He made it look rather easy, it took him all of a minute or two to apply it and off went little Buddy. Directions are so important because this varies depending on your dog’s weight. We are happy to report that Buddy is a happy dog with no fleas and ticks. He is protected from flea eggs and flea larvae for up to two months. He is also protected from mosquitos that carry canine heartworm, for up to 4 weeks.

Overall I love the Adam’s Smart Shield Applicator; it’s simple and easy to use. The directions are clear and easy to understand so you don’t have to worry about applying it wrong. It kills not only fleas and ticks but prevents re-infestation. It comes in different doses for a 6-12 pound dog all the way up to an 81lb. dog and over. The size of the dog depends on the area to where you apply the medication which is why reading the directions is very important before applying. The applicator is easy to store as well and I don’t need to worry about spilling the medication or having it seep out all over everything. Best of all its very affordable for people who are on a budget check your local Wal-Mart store.

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