Designer Fragrance For Women Jessica Simpson I Fancy You

Designer Fragrance For Women

Being a mom and working at home I am often not out and about without baby spit up on me or a disheveled looking appearance. I hardly have time to do my hair or nails let alone put on makeup. The one thing that makes me feel like a woman again and something that I always have on is a fragrance. I have an addiction to soaps, body lotions and I won’t even bother to show you my collection of bath & body products.

Fragrances last a lot more than bath and body products and women like to smell nice, well, everyone does but especially women. Most men I know don’t care if they come home from the gym and smell like a sweat sock. Women on the other hand, we can’t stand it. I have to shower when I get home from the gym or if I am out working but I am never without a perfume.

Designer Fragrance For Women

I am picky about lots of things so perfume is no different. It has to be the right scent; it can’t be strong and overpowering either. It needs to be subtle but girly. I refuse to dump perfume on myself so the scent needs to last. I will admit that I have a favorite perfume but I am not above trying new scents. I like variety after all and perfume can be spritzed and depict your mood as well, something fun and flirty or something classic and casual.

Jessica Simpson has created a new fragrance and I will admit I wasn’t dying to try it but when I was approached I couldn’t say no. After all I like trying new things so why not? I received a 3.4oz bottle of her new I Fancy You Eau De Parfum and I am impressed. Actually very impressed, knowing how picky I am I did not expect all that much. I expected something that was a bit fit for teens because of my association with the name however I was wrong and I am the first one to admit it. I was completely wrong.  The bottle itself is stunning but I have a thing for fancy tops of perfume bottles that stems from childhood.

The fragrance itself is subtle but gorgeous; I Fancy You has a velvety floral musk scent to it. Normally I am not fond of musk but this is very subtle and it has hints of juicy pear and savory Fuji apple with bergamot orange. The scent is very unique, feminine and subtle. Just a few sprits in the right spots and I am good to go. I did get compliments from my fiancée on it saying I smell really good and my mom noticed it as well. This is one fragrance that lasts a long time but doesn’t need to be put on heavy. The scent lasted throughout the day and I loved it.

Overall I love I Fancy You Eau De Parfum from Jessica Simpson. It is a scent that is not specifically designed for teens which I love. It has a very subtle scent and nothing overpowering. It can be noticed without being able to smell you coming a mile away. I love the hints of fruit that are unveiled in the scent. This perfume is incredible for every day as well as a fancy night out, and is very feminine.

You can check out the Jessica Simpson Collection on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

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  1. tracy davis says:

    I learned that fragrances last a lot longer than bath and body works.