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Best Foot Care Cream


Spring and summer are almost here and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am ready for the snow to go away and the temperatures to warm up. Aside from the nice weather that those months bring I love wearing sandals but my feet are in no shape to wear them now.  I don’t have the money to spend on pedicure but I needed to start getting my feet ready for summer.

The terrible thing about my feet is that they are dry and cracked. Sometimes it even hurts to walk on them. I moisturize my skin everyday but I have never found a really great foot care regime to get on and it shows in my feet.

Best Foot Care Cream

Barielle, is a globally regarded pioneer in nail, hand and foot bare. It’s renowned for addressing health, beauty and the vitality of nails. A trusted beauty source for both retail and professional markets worldwide, their unique approach caters to the concerns and conditions of nails and other related skin care, offering an exclusive range of high performance products and simple at home and in salon regimens that address’s the individual, real life needs of nails, hands and feet. Barielle has been in business for over 30 very successful years providing a wide range of product’s to help protect against future damage to nails, hands and feet.

This amazing company sent me a wonderful package to help me get my feet ready for sandal weather and improve the overall health of my feet and nails. The first product I was sent and was dying to try was their Total Foot Care Cream. This cream is for callused, chapped feet which describe my feet perfectly.  The Total Foot Care Cream is an award winning, luxurious conditioning formula that softens feet and helps eliminate calluses while moisturizing chapped areas of the feet. The instructions and care was pretty simple just apply to feet twice daily once in the morning after bathing and in the evening before bed. For best results use 100% cotton sock on feet after applying. This method helps seal in moisture.

The Total Foot Cream, named Allure Best of Beauty Editors Choice 2003 and 2004 is soft and very smooth; it has a very subtle scent to it of baby powder as well which is pleasing and not overpowering. That first night I used the cream on my feet and slipped into my comfy socks. Immediately upon applying it my feet felt smoother and softer which felt amazing. The next morning after my shower I used it again and I could feel that my feet were actually softer and the roughness was starting to go away. I was so excited!

I have been using the foot cream for about a week and a half now and I can say my feet have never been better. They are softer and don’t hurt as much anymore when I wear shoes other than my gym shoes. The roughness has gone down about half way and I know that by continuing to use this cream my roughness and cracking feet will be gone before summer hits. I will be able to wear my sandals with pride and show off my feet.

Overall this cream is now a must have for me to keep my feet well maintained throughout the year.

You can purchase the  Barielle Total Foot Care Cream for $12 for their 2.5oz size.

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