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I love shoes, all kinds of shoes it doesn’t matter the heel height whether it’s a sandal or a heel. I love them all equally. I often fall in love with shoes but I am a super picky person when it comes to them. They have to look fashionable but be comfortable. If I am not comfortable in a shoe I won’t wear it, and my closet shelf doesn’t need to sport the latest shoe styles as much as my feet do.

Womens Discount Shoes

Living on a limited budget each month I don’t always have $300 to buy my fantasy shoes, you know those shoes you see in the window and have dreams about? Like it or not I have champagne taste and a beer budget so when I ran across the site ShoeDazzle I was beyond thrilled and immediately joined to see what it was all about. I found amazing womens discount shoes.

Sign up was a breeze, I just entered in my name and email and answered a few simple style questions. It took me all of maybe 5 minutes and I was ready to begin my shoe shopping at ShoeDazzle.The first thing that I noticed was the price of the shoes, each pair of shoes is only $39.95 and Free shipping which you can’t beat. They have amazing collections that include not just shoes but accessories as well.

Their Signature Sole Collection is their limited edition designs with their signature pink sole. These shoes are just gorgeous and are heels that are perfect for that night on the town with a little girl flair. Their Casual Chic collection is my favorite collection, it features a variety of shoes from boots to regular gym shoes, flats to a minor heel, this collection has just about every kind of shoe you could want for a casual look or even a more elegant look. The Bootique collection is filled with, of course, boots! Boots with heels that look simply gorgeous and can be dress up or dressed down to the ankle boot or knee high boots. This collection has them all and they are stunning! Their Accessories collection is amazing from casual but stylish hats and scarves to elegant. They have amazing picks in this collection. The best part is most of the accessories come in 3 pieces which normally include a hat, belt or purse. This collection is limited to just hats, belts and purses though, they have watches as well as loungewear.

They have something for just about any occasion whether it’s a casual night out with friends or that long awaited hot date with your significant other.

I had the hardest time choosing a pair of shoes, it literally took me about an hour to figure out what shoes I wanted. I had to narrow it down and they were all so hard to part with but I finally decided on the Slumber. The Slumber is a Cable Knit Boot that are slippers. Shipping was super quick and I had them within a week. From the minute they arrived I had them on and I love them. These boots are exceptionally made. I love that it’s a high boot, but since it’s knitted you can either wear it up or slouch it down depending on your mood. The black is just gorgeous and has sparkles in it that make it stand our and look very glamorous especially for house slippers.

The inside of the shoe is a faux fur and is so soft and comfortable I don’t want to take them off. They keep my feet nice and toasty in the colder nights which I love. I hate cold feet!

I love that I can wear these out as well as when I am just lounging around the house. Since I do a lot of late night shopping at the grocery store I just slip these on and off to the store I go. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked where I got them at, from teens to a 70 year old woman so they are perfect for any age.

The size of the shoes where true to fit. I normally wear a size 10 in shoes and these were no exception, they fit me perfectly and they are super comfy. If the shoes didn’t fit me right I love that they have free shipping both ways makes exchanging them much easier, even though I will never be returning these.

The Slumber Slipper is currently available through ShoeDazzle for $39.95 with free shipping.


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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.