Water Shoe For Women Teva Tirra Sport Sandal

Water Shoe For Women

Water Shoe For Women

Lately I have been dreaming of summer time and it has been rather difficult to do with 4 inches of snow on the ground. It is kind of amusing to be looking for a Water Shoe For Women. I can picture the sun shining bright, warm days and cool nights, pools and beaches and of course no summer would be complete without shoes. Spring and summer are my favorite times to buy new shoes, especially sandals! There are so many gorgeous types of sandals out there but being that I am picky I want something that I can be in all day. I want shoes that are cute, won’t hurt my feet, and I can walk around in them for hours without my feet aching when the day is over.

Having kids home from school during the summer we are constantly at the pool or even the beach so I was searching for a sandal that not only met my requirements but were also able to get wet and not be ruined if they did and wouldn’t take forever to dry.

Teva is an amazing shoe company that has something for all your footwear needs. Whether you are searching for a more casual shoe, like a gym shoe or a water shoe, they have a wide range of shoes fit for every lifestyle from the active to the fashionista.

Women’s Water Shoe

I was sent the Teva Tirra Sport Sandal for review and this is the most comfortable sporty sandal that I have ever had my foot in. From the moment Tirra arrived on my doorstep my feet have been in these sandals even with 4 inches of snow out! I am in these shoes day in and day out wearing them around the house because they are so very comfortable.

The Tirra was specifically designed for women’s feet with unmatched comfort and performance in the water. The technology behind the shoe is incredible; I know you might be thinking technology in a shoe? Spider Rubber is a patented process that produces the most versatile rubber compound that blends high friction and good durability successfully. The outsole of the Tirra is made with this exact rubber which helps for the best grip in wet environments. I tested it when we were at the community center for our swim classes where their floors are always slippery. The grip on these shoes is amazing and wonderful for pool decks that can often be slippery. I can only imagine how they would be if you went camping or climbing over rocks.

Aside from the outsole of the shoe I noticed something very different than other shoes; the insole heel of the shoe has a Shoc Pad. This pad evenly transfers the energy of impact throughout the foot bed and away from your heel. The energy provides greater spring with each forefoot push off.  This is something that I didn’t quite understand but I did feel. Wearing the Tirra feels almost like you are walking on air, it’s amazing. It also provides wonderful Arch Support so my foot is fully supported and is comfortable to walk in all day.

The Tirra has multiple points of adjustment as well which is one feature that I never thought mattered much until I received these shoes. There are 3 points of adjustment, one is around the ankle.  This is just like your typical sandal but has Velcro closure, the Velcro itself is a rather long piece so it makes adjusting easy if you have small ankles or if you sometimes get swollen ankles like me. The other two adjustments are at the foot. Normal sandals don’t have this adjustment and this feature is my new favorite. I can adjust the straps to fit perfectly against my foot and toes. It allows for movement as well and doesn’t un-Velcro under the pressure of the movement. Traditional sandals sometimes chafe my foot if I wear them for too long but with the Tirra I have never had a problem with.

Those aren’t all the perks of this shoe though; the style of the Tirra is casual and very feminine. It is perfect for the upcoming warmer months and very versatile. You can wear these with jeans, shorts or even a cute sundress, they’re very versatile. The shoe is very lightweight and durable. I slipped them on and after having them on a while I didn’t even feel like I was wearing shoes.

Overall I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the Teva Tirra Sandals, it was love at first sight for me and they are one of the most amazing shoes I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. I cannot recommend these enough to anyone who wants a stylish, cute, comfortable shoe.

You can purchase the Teva Women’s Tirra for $80 through their website.

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