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Luichiny Platform Shoes

I love heels however I cannot wear them all that much for a couple of reasons. First it’s hard to find heels that are truly comfortable and as much as I love wearing them my feet hate them. Second is I am already tall, 6 feet so heels are normally made for people who want height but weren’t blessed with it. Third, balance, let’s face it you have to be coordinated to wear heels especially balancing on them and I am not coordinated at all.

Knowing those three things and my ability to find sidewalk cracks in heels I try and stay away from them but that doesn’t mean that I cannot fall in love with a pair of heels especially when they are as gorgeous as Luichiny shoes. Their collection of shoes is bold, sexy and awe inspiring and exclusive. Shoes for the trend setting fashionista these shoes offer unique heels, materials and ornaments that will be sure and single you out in the crowd.

High Fashion Heels

I was sent their Light Outs shoe in Navy and I have never loved a pair of heels as much as I love these. This shoe is simple and a classic. Its basic pump style and flair is perfect for a night out on the town or even if you want to glam up to head to the store or even to dinner. The shoe is Navy colored, which is a bit deceiving because it really doesn’t look navy at all I would venture to say more of a Royal blue but the color is one of the things I love about these shoes. The bold color is amazing and it’s very hard to find shoes that are really that bold especially when trying to match a royal blue evening gown. This matched perfectly and I was very excited!

The shoe itself is suede and reminds me a lot of Elvis, Blue Suede Shoes anyone? The suede is soft and smooth. This shoe has the platform look that I love but find hard to wear, so when I slipped these on as much as I loved them I was afraid that I was going to be disappointed. I wasn’t, these shoes have the platform on the bottom that isn’t hard and is very supportive which I found comforting. Being on the ball of my foot as well as my toes isn’t always good for my feet but these shoes give me the support that I need in order to wear them for long amounts of time.

The heel is my next love, notice how thick it is? Can I just tell you how much I love thicker heels on shoes? I was not meant to balance on a tiny heel; as much as I would love to I have had numerable accidents with thin heels, mostly involving those menacing sidewalk cracks or my old nemesis, grass. While these heels do sink into grass they don’t get stuck, I know don’t walk in the grass, however in order to get to the car when it’s parked on the street I have to go through the grass otherwise I wouldn’t be able to show off these fabulous heels. I had no problems balancing on these heels with a 1 inch platform they are perfect for the not so coordinated women that love shoes, like me! The heel is 5 ¼” inches which is perfect. Now I am 6 foot so I am already tall but my fiancée is 6’5”-6’6” so putting these on I was roughly the same height as him which he kind of liked.

I wore these out to a function we went to for a Children’s Hospital and I felt like the belle of the ball. Shoes complete the outfit for me and these were just the icing on the cupcake. I felt amazing in them and my feet didn’t hurt after 2 hours of wearing them. They stayed on my feet all night and I didn’t hurt the next morning either.

Overall I love the look and feel of my new shoes from Luichiny. They are stunning, gorgeous and functional. The style is simple and I can wear these with just about anything whether it’s a night out or with jeans. They dress up the outfits and I feel gorgeous in them!

You can purchase your own pair of Lights Out shoes from Luichiny for $59.95. If Navy isn’t your color they have many other colors available as well.

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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.


  1. Leanne Haken says:

    I’m 5’10” but I decided a few years ago that wouldn’t stop me from wearing heels! My husband is shorter than me to begin with, so for a long time I wore flats just so I wouldn’t tower over him and everyone else. These days, though, I embrace my height and rock the heels!