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I have talked about, well mentioned, my shoe addiction previously about how much I love shoes. All styles, colors, but I still have a secret. I love summer so much that I wear flip flops all the time around the house. Yes, I am a flip flop wearing woman! I have one pair of flip flops that I have faithfully worn for about a year and they are getting worn, quite badly.

Teva has become one of my favorite shoe companies. The quality of their shoes is incredible. They are durable, stylish, functional and just as comfortable as slipping on your favorite pair of slippers. What more could you want from a company? Not much, right? I never thought I would want more until I was introduced to this company a month ago and their Tierra sandal. I wanted technology in a shoe! There I said it, shoes have technology behind them and I never thought about it before I was introduced to Teva and it is a quality that I have grown to love.

Flip Flops with Arch Support

The Teva Mush Flip Flop is my favorite Flip flop and best one I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Now you might think that I am embellishing just a tiny bit but I am not in any way. The Mush is not your ordinary flip flop; it has 7mm of the softest EVA around that creates a comfortable foot bed that actually mold to your foot’s unique shape. This makes slipping them on like heaven. The insole is the softest my soles have ever slid into. The thickness of the sole is one of my favorite features. I always hated how thin the soles of others were but with these I do not have to worry about that.

The Mush is equipped with T.I.D.E Grip which is a traction pattern on the bottom of the sole to grip the surface which helps prevent slipping and sliding on surfaces. In my old flip flops I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have slipped on a pool deck or on wet concrete. The Mush is also equipped with T.I.D.E comfort the Mush is the top sole of the shoe that is enhanced with arch support so it conforms to fit your unique foot making it more comfortable to walk.

The 3 point thong construction is another amazing feature; I am use to the normal flip flops that have that plastic type of thong that eventually, like it or not, chafe in between my toes and makes them uncomfortable to wear for long amounts of time. Not the Mush, the mush has a type of fabric that is comfortable in between my toes. I am not exactly sure what fabric it is but it doesn’t matter all that much because it’s comfortable! That’s what matters the most. The straps are comfortable and soft against my skin. The shoe feels like it was made exclusively for my feet.

Overall I love my Teva Mush Flip Flops; these are the only flip flops I will be wearing from now on. The comfort is one of a kind that I have never been able to find in any other flip flop that I have tried. They are stylish as well with a little bold print on the strap. Teva is one company that I will highly recommend to anyone. This is my second pair of shoes from them and each time they amaze me. If you haven’t ever experienced Teva, you will want to and your feet will thank you for it!

You can purchase the Teva Mush Flip Flop for $25; they have a variety of colors and prints available as well so you are sure to find something that fits your style and personality!

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