Designer Shoes For Less at Shoe Connection

Designer Shoes for Less

I love when I have the chance to score a good deal especially on stuff I don’t exactly need but would love to have, mostly shoes. Designer shoes can be expensive but I feel that every woman must own at least one pair of designer shoes if not more. There is just something about them. Maybe it’s the look? Maybe it’s just the price tag of those shoes? I am not really sure what it is about them but if I can get shoes at a discount I will by them.

One site that I love is My Shoe Connection, this site is filled with incredible goodies for your feet or you neck or even your body. They carry a vast selection of dresses, shoes and jewelry, so even if you aren’t in the market for a new pair of shoes they have good deals on jewelry and dresses as well.

Designer Shoes for Less

I was sent a pair of Wild Diva Tamia shoe from my shoe connection. Shipping was super quick and I had no problems during shipping either. When they arrived I couldn’t wait to take them out of the box. Like kids at Christmastime opening the gifts to find the most perfect toy, except my excitement was for these designer shoes.

The shoes were just gorgeous right in the box. I was in awe of their beauty. They have a sort of rustic but completely fashionable look to them. They are a faux wood wedge sandal and the heel was the perfect height because I love wearing heels but hate thin heels. This shoe didn’t have a thin heel. The heel was thick and thin enough at the same time to make these shoes glamorous. The leather look to these sandals is the one thing that I was drawn too. I love the look and feel of leather on my feet. The strap goes right around your ankle and is easy to use.

The little metal dots on the size of the shoes, is an added touch that makes these shoes amazing. Each strap across has one that attaches to the wedge. The shoe fits perfectly and is true to my size. If you aren’t use to wearing heels these might not be the shoe for you. These shoes do cause you to walk on your tip toes and ball of your foot so if you aren’t use to this type of walking it might be difficult or hurt your feet. I am use to this type of shoe so I had no problems. The best part about this shoe is that it doesn’t sink in the grass or get stuck like most heeled shoes I own.

Overall My Shoe Connection is my new one stop shoe shop for the best quality shoes. Their prices are reasonable and they have sales going on where some shoes are just $20. You can beat that price. The website is easy to navigate and search for exactly what I am looking for even if I am not sure of the designer.

You can check out My Shoe connection through their website, or Facebook and they are also on Twitter.

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