Best Memory Foam Slippers with Open Toe from Natures Sleep


Best Memory Foam Slippers

Every girl has one necessity that they can’t live without, whether it’s a good handbag, a nice pair of shoes, or maybe even their favorite lip gloss. My I can’t live without item is slippers. After working for so many years and being on my feet all day, they are tired and worn out. Now being at home all the time and running around with kids my feet still hurt but there is nothing like slipping into a nice pair of slippers, popping a bottle of wine and curling up with a good book or even a movie.

I couldn’t live without my slippers; my poor tired out feet need them. Finding the right pair is not as easy though. My feet need comfort, they like to be pampered but not every pair of slippers will do the job for my feet. I got the chance to try out the Memory Foam Slippers from Nature’s Sleep on my feet and I love them!

Best Memory Foam Slippers

Now I know slippers are generally just that, slippers. They are basic and ordinary but I am so happy that Nature’s sleep designed a slipper that isn’t ordinary. Their slippers feature memory foam in the sole of the slipper. Imagine sleeping on a memory foam mattress for a second. The comfort and feel as the foam supports each area of your body as you move. Ahh, bliss! Now imagine that just for your feet. Since we all walk differently whether we put more weight on our heel, or our toes, or it is evenly spread the memory foam in these slippers contours to fit your unique shape of your foot, while supporting your foot at the same time. It’s almost as if you are walking on a cloud.

I picked the open toe slipper so the front was open which I happen to like a little better. It’s all about preference, they do have closed toed as well.  Sometimes my feet get a little too warm which is why I prefer the open toe aside from sporting my ever so gorgeous pedicure when I get one that is. The softness of the slipper is incredible, it’s like slipping into a comfortable pair of socks, no itching or scratching, nothing jabbing you in the foot, yes I did own a pair of slippers that use to jag me. But not with these, these are the most comfortable slipper I have ever owned.

The hard part with this slipper is actually keeping them away from my fiancée. I thought the lavender color would deter him but he has been known to steal my slippers and wear them regardless of the color. I have to hide them from him because as he puts it, “Who is going to see me wearing purple slippers?” Normally he doesn’t wear slippers so when he wanted this pair and actually hunts them down I know they have to be good otherwise he wouldn’t take them.

Aside from the comfort of these slippers, and the memory foam sole which I love there is one other big thing that I love about these. They don’t fall off easy! I cannot tell you how many times I have lost my slippers going up the stairs. I have even almost broken my neck on a pair before. These do not come off at all when I am trekking up and down the stairs. I don’t need to worry about tripping up the steps because they are falling off. I have washed these plenty of times now and I see no signs of them falling apart or weakening in the sole. They fit perfectly and for that I am extremely happy with these. Now if I could just get my fiancée to stop taking them from me, everything would be perfect!

You can purchase your own pair of Open Toe Terry Slippers with Memory Foam available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors for $ 25. Stay up to date with Nature’s Sleep on Facebook, they have great deals and giveaways too!

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