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Casual Shoe For Women

Spring is here and I am so happy about it. Not only is the weather nicer and the clothes are lighter and brighter. The shoes also have more of your foot showing, become strappier as well as breathe better. I love my gym shoes but I am so over them and I am ready to break out my new favorite pair of shoes.

The Crissy shoe from Ahnu is the shoe that I am talking about. I will confess that I have worn them around the house in winter because we had snow a week or two ago but I finally got to wear them out and I love them! Before I go into detail about the Crissy I should introduce you to the fabulous maker of the Crissy.

Ahnu is an amazing company that was founded by two women, Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dine, who are friends, mothers, athletes and industry veterans who preferred hiking the trails over running the treadmill, doing outside activities with friends and family to unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. They were joined by Jim Van Dine who combined their passions by engineering performance shoes with modern aesthetics, trendy designs, and sleek yet vibrant colors. They found the careful balance between fitness and fashion, performance and aesthetics, profit and philanthropy and final work and play. It was very fitting that they named their company after a Celtic goddess of balance between well-being and prosperity with that Ahnu was born! Ahnu carries everything from delicate yet comfortable and stylish casual shoes to hiking boots that have style and beautiful color.

Best Casual Shoe For Women

The Crissy is an amazing shoe; the first thing that caught my eye was the ballet flat style. The shoe is a sporty, trendy ballet flat for a more modern lifestyle. Since people are always on the go especially me I appreciate the classic design of the Crissy with simplicity at its finest as well as the performance of a walking shoe. To me it combines the best of so many worlds. The Crissy combines a ballet flat, gym shoe and a hiking shoe all in one. The clean and polished look of the Crissy is the ballet flat, the dual density compression molded EVA, the sole, provides extra shock absorption as well as arch support, gym shoe. The treads on the bottom of the shoe remind of a hiking boot with its grip against the terrain it’s fantastic for running or even walking around running errands.

Not only does the Crissy provide all of that but it has that femininity to it with its delicate criss cross straps across the toe portion of the foot. These criss cross straps don’t cut into my skin or rub against it to create friction or chaffing on my foot which I am super happy about. The straps are adjustable so if you are more comfortable with them down a bit lower on your foot you can just push them down a bit and they adjust accordingly. The straps are stretchable so they won’t get stretched out of shape over time.

The color of Cobblestone is a light beige tone with a Chartreuse insole as well as straps. The delicate yet bright color is the perfect addition to this amazing shoe. It gives the shoe the right amount of pop to it without it being very noticeable.

Overall wearing the Crissy feels very comfortable just like that old pair of gym shoes that I don’t want to throw away. The shoe breathes very well its mesh on the upper part of the shoe. It allows the air to circulate around my toes and feet so I don’t get sweaty stinky feet. Having back problems I always appreciate a really good pair of shoes, these shoes I love and I love getting the compliments from people. Every time I wear them out there is at least one person that asks me where I got them from.

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