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Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  Not only does it bring about a little cooler weather, but also the fall colors are amazing.  I love going for long rides during the fall where there is a lot of vivid colors, seeing all the oranges and reds pop out is a beautiful site – it is really not too difficult to Find beauty in the Fall.

Garden Path Made Of Stone

I am looking to do something a little different this fall with my own backyard.  I have wanted to put in a garden path made of stone, however I do want to keep some grass between the stone, like the image below.  I would imagine what I would need to do is remove all the grass from that area, put in the stone in the pattern I want it to be and then plant grass seed around the stone.  I just love how that looks!  If I plant the stone deep enough, I will be able to go over that area with a lawn mower without risking any damage to the blades.

Fall Gardening Ideas

However, along the sides of that stone path I would want to focus more on Fall gardening by planting different flowers like the ones in the image below.  Pinterest is my go to source for all of my fall gardening ideas.  I love the combination of the taller and shorter varieties of green plants, but then with a pop of color every now and then.  I think some varieties of Hosta would work well as well as the Wiregrass, Florida Gama Grass, New England Aster, Bromeliads and Crinum Lily.

In order for the plants to grow properly I would want to create a good environment for them by amending the natural soil with Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables.  This particular product is specifically developed for annuals, perennials and vegetables.  What is great too is that it will provide continuous release of plant food for up to 3 months.  This will really allow the plants to take good root and a great growing environment. 

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What types of projects do you have planned for this fall?  Whatever your plan is, Miracle-Gro has a product to help.  You can find out more about their pdocuts and keep up with great information by “Liking” the Miracle-Gro Facebook page.Advertisement

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