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I hate yard work, but I also don’t want to be the house on the block with a brown front yard.  I get out there and do the obligatory fertilizing, but it usually takes me way longer than I think it should, and it’s a real pain.  I usually spill half of the bag of fertilizer while I’m trying to fill my spreader, then waste another half of it in the driveway because the spray is too wide, and I probably waste even more because I’m never sure which setting to use.  You know, now that I read this back, maybe I should find someone else to do my yard work for me.  Or, I could just start using Scotts Snap Spreader System to make it easier for myself!

Scotts has recognized the inconveniences of traditional fertilizer spreaders and has created an amazing solution!  The Scotts Snap Spreader System is easy to load, easy to use, and easy to put away!  Plus, they’ve perfected technology that allows you to actually use the fertilizer on your lawn and not waste it on spills or over spreading!  You just place a full bag of their specialized Scotts Snap lawn fertilizer on top of the spreader, lock it in place, and you’re already ready to go!  There’s no need to open an awkward bag and deal with messy pouring.  Scotts Snap fertilizer bag are literally spill-proof!  There’s also no need to try to figure out what setting to use.  Scotts Snap Spreader has an auto-flow rate, so it takes care of it for you.  And how about when you come to the edge of your lawn and don’t want to spread into the bushes, driveway, or street?  Simply snap out the EdgeGuard and keep going and the fertilizer will stay where you want it to – on the lawn!  After you’re finished, simply unlock the Snap Pac and lift off!  It seals itself and can be removed and stored easily with no mess!

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