Thermal Tote Bags from Thirty One in Awesome Blossom

Thirty One Awesome Blossom Thermal Tote

I love handbags; I have a shopping addiction with them. I love to get one to match just about every outfit that I own. Since I am on a limited budget currently I cannot afford to match them to every outfit and have a different purse for every outfit either. I like to focus on pattern and functionality when I buy handbags now. I want something that is going to do dual duty for example. I have been looking for a bag that is fun, stylish, and that I can use every time we go out with the kids. With summer coming and knowing how much I love to be outside with the kids I wanted an insulated bag. That was the one must have for me. Having 4 kids means I have a whole bag filled with sandwiches, juice boxes, snacks and treats. I use to bring our little cooler with us when we went out but thanks to Haley, a Thirty One Consultant I no longer have to have that ugly cooler.

Haley is an independent Thirty One gifts consultant that is very friendly and helpful.  One thing I could tell is that she is very informed about her business. If I had any questions I know she would be able to answer them. Given that Thirty One is pretty straight forward and easy. Her site is easy to navigate and I must admit that I get very excited looking through the catalog. Thirty One has some of the most amazing, functional and stylish organizational products I have ever seen.

Thermal Tote Bags

Haley sent me the amazing Thermal Tote in one of their brand new prints called Awesome Blossom. The Awesome Blossom print is a brand new print from Thirty One for the spring time. It is a floral print that has gorgeous hues of yellow and tan.  The front is the solid floral print with the back of the tote having a pocket that goes half up the back of the bag. It has a coordinating print of brown and white tiny flowers. It’s simply gorgeous!

The inside of the tote is lined, since it’s thermal, I can just pop in my ice pack and away I go. This bag can hold so much! I have held 4 sandwiches, 8 snack bags, 6 juice boxes, along with a Diet 20 oz. drink for me. The amazing part is I had still had room even with the ice pack inside. The handles are short and sweet which I really like because I toss it in our basket of the stroller and away I go. I don’t have to worry about the straps catching on the wheels of the stroller. If you ever had that happen it’s a pain! I no longer have to worry about. Since I do stuff the bag I was afraid that the weight would be too much but it wasn’t the bag was heavy but the straps didn’t break or stretch the bag in any way. I love that the tote has a zipper as well. This makes it easy to zip up and go without having to worry about things falling out if it tips over.

I love that I can also give it to my oldest to use for school as well. She can pack her lunch in it and won’t get it mixed up with any of the kid’s bags because she knows exactly what it looks like. It’s bright and stands out and she loves it so there is no chance she is going to lose it. Before she has lost things on purpose just so she could get something new. This bag she loves and always asks for it.

During the month of February they are having an amazing sale if you spend $31 you get 31% off an item. That is an amazing deal especially since I know once you try out Thirty One you will become addicted to their products.

You can purchase the Thermal Tote with Zipper in the Awesome Blossom Print for $15 from Haley. Which to me is a steal; they have hundreds

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