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If you do a lot of texting on your Android phone, I've got an app that you absolutely need to try.  POWOW Messenger for Android will change your entire world of texting.  Have you ever tried to send a group text message with the stock messaging on your Android phone?  Well, if you tried once, you probably haven't again because it doesn't work very well.  POWOW Messenger is changing that.  With POWOW Messenger, you can create a group text to include anyone on any mobile device, and now when you group text you can see texts between all group members in one conversation, so it's easy to read and not at all confusing.  Plus, all members of the group can use the full group functionality and can see all of the other replies in just one messaging thread!  Now planning a group event or an important meeting is much easier and much less confusing than it used to be.

Now, let's say you're angry with your husband or you've got that one friend who just won't quit texting even though she knows you're in the middle of a very important meeting.  POWOW's ZipIT feature lets you manage each contact on an individual basis.  You can mute your friend's messages temporarily or you can blacklist the person altogether so you won't even know when she's texting you (works well for ex-boyfriend's that won't leave you alone).  POWOW also allows you to quick delete conversations easily and you can use Google's voice input technology so that you can safely speak your texts when you're driving instead of dangerously typing them. Sick of scrolling through lists of texts to find the conversations of the people you text the most?  You can set favorites so they're easy to find.  And last but not least, my favorite feature – text pop-up.  You can set POWOW so your texts pop up on the screen in front of whatever application you're using so that you can read, reply or delete without ever closing your other apps.  Pretty handy!

Download POWOW Messenger for Android for free in Google Play, and you'll quickly be on your way to easier and more organized text messaging!

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