Pain Patch For Back Pain The Imbue Pain Relief Patch

Imbue Pain Relief Patch

One thing I know lately has been pain. Normally I don’t get into my medical issues but I felt that it was important.  About 5 years ago I was in a car accident, it wasn’t that bad where I was severely injured but I had pain, back pain to be exact. As the years progressed my pain started to become unbearable about 3 years ago. The pain was so bad in my back and leg that I was unable to actually walk. Of course I didn’t know at the time that my leg pain was a direct sign of trouble with my back.  The pain was so extreme that I didn’t have an appetite and all I wanted to do was just get some minor relief, if only for a second. I tried all the pain relievers on the market but nothing helped.

To make really long story short, Two surgeries, one partial discectomy and a spinal fusion along with two rounds of X-rays, MRI’s and the wonderful CT Scan. I still have the same problem that I had in the beginning. It might not be as severe but it’s still there. I sit and wait until I am able to have my third and final surgery.

Pain Patch for Back Pain

Now I am on medications to kill most of the pain but I have a window where the pain killers wear off. This window is between when the first meds I take are wearing off and the time before I can take them again which is about a 5 hour span. I have tried over the counter pain relievers but they cannot be taken for long amounts of time without damage being done to your liver. I wanted/needed something that would help make the pain tolerable if it wouldn’t put me out of pain completely.

I was introduced to a new type of patch, new to me that is, Imbue Pain Relief Patch, about a week ago. It’s super easy to use and is a natural and powerful pain relief patch. If you have never used a type of patch like this before they are very easy to use. The Imbue Patch contains an analgesic gel which is on an adhesive fabric pad. To use it, you simply open up the package, remove the patch and you will notice a peel off backing, peel that off and place the patch on the spot wherever you are experiencing your pain. Whether it’s your back, like me, your arm, leg, or another part of your body application is simple. Be careful that you don’t twist the patch because it is sticky and will stick to it self. I had my fiancée help me with it. I was actually surprised that the patch wasn’t cold like others I have tried, even though it was freezing outside. The patch is a decent size, not very large but not super tiny either. It’s about 4 inches by 6 inches.

Now my pain can be extreme so I was prepared for it to not really help at all. I knew this wouldn’t be the fault of the product but more of a “not strong enough” problem. After a while I didn’t feel like it was on and then I started to feel the heat from it. It wasn’t a bad like others I have tried which have made my back feel like its on fire. This was a minimal heat, I compare it to a minor fever, not uncomfortable just noticeable. About an hour or so later my pain was minimized. This surprised me very much. I felt less pain in my back and didn’t have as many problems bending as I normally have because of the pain.

The Imbue Pain Relief Patch actually helped and I was so happy about it. I can apply it on me when my medications are wearing off up until I can take them again. It’s fast, easy and effective and natural. I even checked with my pharmacist about it and there were no interactions with my medications.  The patch is free of latex as well so if you have latex allergy like some people do no need to worry.

I didn’t have any problems with removing the patch; I know sometimes people have problems depending on where the patch is located. It might catch a hair or two and that could be painful however you can soak the patch to help with the removal process.

Overall I love this patch, it’s safe for me to use even while on medications. It helps relieve pain in between my medications. It’s portable so I can just stuff one in my purse when I travel in case I need it. It’s super easy to put on and take off and it’s natural. It’s a very effective way to relieve minor aches and pains from sports, running, daily wear and tear, or even minor injuries.

You can purchase the Imbue Pain Relief Patch for $12.00; this includes 4 patches that are sized 4.3×6 inches each.

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