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Nail care is an important part of the hygiene process but many people neglect their nails. I will be the first to admit that I don’t take complete care of my nails like I should nor do I know anything about them really other than they grow, break and look pretty when different polishes are on them. Over the years my nails have become an accessory just like my handbag or shoes. I cannot leave the house without having some kind of polish on my nails because they are one of the most seen parts of the body. We use our hands for everything so I like to make them look pretty.

I was introduced to a fantastic company a couple of months when I got the chance to review their Foot Cream, which my feet have never looked better! When I was approached again to do another review I had to jump at the chance except this time I wanted to focus on my hands instead of my feet.

If you have not heard of Barielle before where have you been hiding? Barielle started over 30 years ago with their Nail Strengthener Cream, which was the first nail product of its kind.  This cream launched Barielle into a leader in nail and skin care with unique products that focus on treating, protecting, and maintaining your nails. Over the years they have evolved to include hand care as well as foot care and are sold around the world.

Barielle Hand Cream

My hands are in bad shape during the varying seasons, in the winter and fall my nails tend to get brittle and break easily.  My hands are worse being dry and chapped; my skin cracks a lot and flakes which is terrible. Barielle sent me a wonderful package to try devoted to my hands and nails.

First was the Barielle Intensive Hand Treatment Cream. I do have sensitive skin and my skin tends to chap, peel and crack a lot during the winter months. My hands have been so bad that they literally hurt sometimes so I was super excited to try this cream. The cream like all their other products doesn’t have an annoying smell to it. It smells fresh and natural. It says to massage cream into your hands twice a day preferably in the morning and the evening so you can allow the cream to penetrate overnight. Applying the cream is simple it’s just like every other hand cream except it doesn’t have that yucky smell most of them do. The cream is silky smooth and upon initially applying it my hands felt like they were in heaven. The cream felt so good on my skin, not oily but almost refreshing. My hands instant stopped hurting and were soothed which was fantastic! I have been using the cream for a couple of weeks and my hands are visibly softer. My hands no longer get chapped, or crack, they also do not hurt anymore. They are silky soft just like a baby’s bottom which I love. Even the kids have noticed a difference and no longer make faces when they hold my hand because they aren’t sandpaper.

nail Polish

Next in my package where two nail polishes, one called Berry Blue and the other Granite Glitter. The polish itself amazed me because there was no smell to it. I am use to polishes filling the room with their fragrance and while there was a hint of smell it wasn’t overpowering. The polish is thick and luscious so it goes on very easy and doesn’t need a second coat unless you would like to apply one. Berry Blue is exactly that an amazing blue color. I would call it more like a mix between Navy Blue and a Royal Blue. This by far is my favorite, the color is stunning and I have gotten stopped by people in the store asking me where I got the amazing color from. I love that the color can be used to dress up or dress down, it’s versatile and I love wearing jeans with it! The Granite Glitter is another favorite of mine as well but for a whole different reason this polish is stunning when I was dressed in formal wear. It has slight hints of metallic in it which makes the color pop a bit more.  I prefer wearing this when I am dressed up rather than when I am casually dressed because it doesn’t give a lot of pop when worn with jeans like the Berry Blue does but when sporting a little black dress the Granite Glitter just pops out and looks very elegant. Barielle has over 90 new nail colors added to their collection so you are sure to find the perfect color.

Lastly I need something to remove the polish so I was sent Love Your Nails Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover, and I will not use any other remover after trying this. This formula is amazing. The first there is no smell to this like traditional removers. The smell is natural smells that isn’t harsh on your nose or cause you to need a fan in the room to circulate the air. They are towelettes and this was my plus and minus. I loved that they were towelettes but I wanted them to be a tad bit bigger than they are maybe by a half an inch or so. Not huge but not as small as they are. They are perfect to throw in your purse for a quick nail polish change when you are heading from work out to an event like dinner or out with friends.

You can purchase the Barielle Intensive Hand Treatment Cream for $12.00. The Barielle Nail Polishes for $9.00 and the Love Your Nails Towelettes for $10.

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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.