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I recently gave my son my old iPod, and he’s been asking for speakers so he can listen to music while he falls asleep at night without having buds in his ears.  I’ve scoured the internet for a good set of speakers at a reasonable price, but there’s so many out there that it’s really overwhelming, especially when I’m not even sure what kind of quality I’m going to end up with.  That’s why I’m getting him the Lenovo speaker M0620.  Mainly, I trust the Lenovo brand.  That’s one of the first things I consider when I purchase electronics – brand recognition and experience with quality.  I know the Lenovo name and I know that it means I’m getting a high quality item at a reasonable price.

Now, more about the Lenovo speaker M0620.  It’s a 4 watt, 2.0 speaker system that includes a main speaker but also has built in amplifiers and a sub-speaker.  That’s all fancy-talk for “it’s small but still is going to sound great”.  Plus, they’re not just for MP3/MP4 players, but can be used with your desktop computer, laptop computer, or smartphone as well.  While my phone has a speaker in it, the sound quality isn’t that great, so I’m thinking of getting myself a set to keep handy for when I’m listening to or watching something on my smartphone.  It’s small size makes it perfect for keeping with me.

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It’s also convenient.  Just an easy USB-powered connection with an energy saving function, and a speaker wire spool for easy storage and to eliminate tangles.  On top of everything else, it looks classy and professional (not like some cheap versions that you might find near the checkout at drug stores).  I won’t feel like I’m borrowing my son’s speakers with these!  Oh, and the best part?  Yeah, they’re on sale for only $11.99 from 5/15-5/21!  You can’t beat a price like that!  You’re getting a quality speaker from a trusted brand, and a great discount to boot!  Get yours right away before you forget or before they sell out!


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