Kia And The Amazing Race

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I love The Amazing Race and scavenger hunts in general.  when I heard that Kia had sent two pairs of best friends on a scavenger hunt to find a celebrity, I was bummed that I hadn't entered to participate, but excited to see what the scavenger hunt was about!  The Zip and Dash to Los Angeles geocache challenge took the racers to five famous LA landmarks and used the Kia Rios awesome new technology to get them there.  The prize?  Christina Milian was waiting at the finish line for them!  Check out the video below and the Rio Explorer Page

Now, this is my kind of scavenger hunt.  Rodeo Drive and the Roosevelt Hotel?  Yes, please!  The only scavenger hunts I've been on had us digging in the sand and doing physical challenges.  This was way more glamorous!  Plus, they got a trip to LA and they got to roll around in the cool new 2012 Kia Rio.  Did you see the features this car has?  With Bluetooth, USB kjack, UVO Technology, navigation, rear camera display, and my favorite (because I'm a dorky and practical mom) awesome gas mileage, this car has all of the latest and greatest in auto technology.  Plus, it looks cute and I love that it's a 5-door!

As for the challenges, while I love vintage music, rides, and fancy hotels and stores, I think the Pink's Hot Dogs challenge was my favorite because, well, let's face it.  I love to eat!  I think the most difficult challenge was probably the Amoeba Records challenge.  Did you see how big that place was?  I don't know how they ever found that ONE CD!  Which challenge do you think looked the most fun?

Well, I'm going to make sure that the next time Kia does a Zip and Dash challenge, I sign up for the chance to participate.  Who knows, maybe I could have the chance to meet someone famous!  Plus, I want a chance to ride around in a Kia all day.  My car doesn't even have navigation, so I can't imagine what all I could do with that cool technology.  Next time I'm ready to buy a car, Kia's going to be on the top of my list, and I think that once you see what a Kia can do, you'll be a fan too!

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