My Mela Jewelry


My Mela Jewelry

I was lucky enough to receive a set of My Mela Jewelry for review.  My Mela is an online store that features different home decor, home furnishings, jewelry and accessories made by Indian Artisans.  “Mela” is a Hindu work meaning country fair or festival.  My Mela is a shopping experience unlike any other, one that introduces you to talented Indian artisans and offers the unique opportunity to purchase their amazing work!  The online marketplace gives them a sustainable market for their work.  On My Mela, you can also offer these artisans interest-free loans so that they can have money to buy materials, make improvements to their products and train workers and are repaid with credits on My Mela Marketplace!  So not only are you getting to support an Indian artisan, you are also putting money towards your purchase!

Indian Arts and Crafts

It is difficult to find true handmade, authentic Indian arts and crafts.  Many stores try to duplicate the beautiful art but most of those products are made locally in the US in a large factory.  You can buy merchandise off of My Mela and be assured that it is authentic.  The item I was sent to review is the Amethyst Elegance Sterling Silver Set.  The set includes a beautiful necklace and earrings.  The jewelry is made with semiprecious Amethyst Stones and sterling silver!  The Amethyst stone is a beautiful sparkly purple color and really compliments the sterling silver.  The silver detail around the stone is beautiful and really makes this a unique piece.  The set retails for $64.95 on My Mela.

My Mela not only offers jewelry and accesories but home decor and home furnishings!  Check them out on Facebook  for the latest information on the company and products!

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