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Your well-being is so much more than just being well.  My Well-Being relates to your physical being, mental being, social being and financial being. If anyone of these areas is off, even slightly it will through off your sense of contentment.  Your world can be in perfect order and then all of a sudden the transmission drops on your car and you either have to spend thousands to get a new transmission or consider replacing your vehicle.  A change of this magnitude could really affect your financial well-being.

Thanks to Humana, there is now a site available called My Well-Being, which addresses all aspects of your well-being.  They understand that everyone’s well being is as individual and complex as people themselves.  That is why it is a personalized site is designed to help you, as an individual.  Once you take your a My Well-Being Assessment to evaluate your well-being you can then get the tools you need to improve it.

There are great resources to turn to, such as reading expert articles, watching videos, and daily tips.  Also, if you read a great article you would like to refer back to at a later date or share with others, you can save the content for later.

I love reading all of the valuable financial information on this site.  Articles such as “Is Saving or Paying Down Debt Wiser?” or “Put The Credit Card Away Until Bills are Paid!” are great resources to have on hand.

Right now when you become a member of My Well-Being, you get a free Dummies Book.  You actually get to choose between three health and wellness books: Retirement for Dummies, Well-Being for Dummies and Living the Boomer Life for Dummies.  I chose Well-Being for Dummies, although I was interested in Retirement for Dummies too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this website.  Become a My-Well Being member today, and do not forget your FREE Dummies book

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