Wall Mural Stencils Paws Park from My Wonderful Walls

Wall Mural Stencils

I will admit that I am sort of crafty. I can do little crafts with kids, I can sew a little bit and I can knit a square or crochet a blanket but that’s about it. I am not talented at painting or drawing at all. If I drew a horse it would come out like a stick figure horse, that’s how talented I am.

Now thanks to My Wonderful Walls I don’t need a whole heck of a lot of talent to produce a gorgeous mural that everyone will envy.

My Wonderful Walls was started Michael Goins who is a graphic artist and industrial designer. After hand painting a mural in his older son’s room he came up with the idea of creating stencil kits for the non-artistically trained masses. They are a very small company that prides themselves on the great relationship they have with their customers. Both Michael and his wife Stephanie are hands on in the company answering phones so they make sure their customers are truly satisfied with your experience with them.

Wall Mural Stencils

This is one of the very few companies that I love for wall stencils and let tell me you why. I wanted something fun and colorful for our basement reading room. I wanted one of those wall murals. The white walls just weren’t doing it. I searched through all their customer photos and thought to myself. “Wow, maybe I can do that.” When I got the chance to review their Paws Park I was over the moon.  I was sent one of their Paws Park Stencil Kit and their Stencil Paint Kit. The paint kit includes all the little paints and sponges you need to paint the stencils. The background paints aren’t included which for about $30 bucks we went out and got. (Note: We have a ton of blue paint left, hello new bathroom color!)

Wall Mural Stencils

The stencils arrived on very large rolls of paper and I was surprised the by the size of them. I am not sure what exactly I was expecting maybe those little ones you see in the store? Not so, these stencils are smaller than life-size but big enough to see. We painted our blue sky on the walls. The following day we painted our grass and the day after we painted in our dark hills colors.

On the fourth day we were ready for the stencils. The stencils are super easy to peel off the paper. Once they are off just position them on your wall and you are ready. If you aren’t sure you like the stencil in the spot just peel it off and reapply it somewhere else. We used paper plates to place the colors on and then the sponge painting began. We dabbed very lightly around the stencil and waited a bit, while we placed another stencil and painted that one. Once we had a couple of them done we peeled them off and placed them on the paper again. Before I knew it half of the park was done and it looks stunning!

Overall I am beyond happy with the Stencil Kit we got from My Wonderful Walls. It allows the non-creative people to actually become creative. It brought out my creativity and was so much fun. It comes with clear and easy to understand instructions and it’s really easy to do. My fiancée and I banned the kids from helping because we were having so much fun with this project. Everyone who has come to the house has wanted to know how I did it and I am more than happy to tell them that they can do it too. While the kits might seem a pricey they are well worth it and you will have a room that everyone will remember. If wall murals aren’t your taste they also have wall stickers which makes decorating easier.

You can connect with My Wonderful Walls on Facebook as well as on Twitter. The Paws Park Stencil Kit is available for $89.99 and the paint kit for $45.99.

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