Steam Mop For Home the HAAN Agile SI40 Steam Mop

Steam Mop For Home

We had our floors redone a couple of months ago, gorgeous hardwood floors that are simply stunning! That means that the whole main floor is hardwood and tile (in the kitchen) so a regular mop has been my nemesis for a couple of months now. I already have back problems and the mop doesn’t do my back any good at all. Having 4 kids, a dog and a variety of other little pets I was desperately seeking a steam mop that would clean and sanitize all my floors in the house.

I was over the moon when I was approached by HAAN to review their HAAN Agile S140 Steam mop. After anxiously awaiting its arrival after two days it was here, which was really quick! I couldn’t wait to get this steam mop out of its package. It’s super lightweight and very easy to get out of the box. It came in several pieces but was easy to put together. It took me a minute or two and it was together. I loved that I didn’t have to mess with any hoses or attach any onto the mop, they are all built in. The handle on the mop just snaps together rather easily you just push the button in to lock it into the whole so it makes taking it apart a breeze.

Steam Mop For Home

The steam mop came with several other things as well, it has a carpet attachment, floor pad, as well as instructions and (12) cleaning packets which are good for a whole year. This mop is loaded with tons of features in a very simple design. The HAAN Agile SI40 Steam Mop does just about everything and kills 99.9% of household germs and bacteria as well as dust mites without using any chemicals. That’s right you don’t have to buy any extra solutions to put in this cleaner it runs on water and that’s it! The back of the unit has a water tank on it that is easy to remove and fill up. No need to carry or lug a huge water tank the tank is small and with little effort attaches to the back of the mop.

Once I had the water tank filled and attached I was ready to rock and roll! The steam mop comes with a floor pad. This pad is used when the mop isn’t in use. It’s lightweight and heavy duty but prevents any damage that might occur to your floors during storage and is also used for the carpet, which I will tell you about in a minute. It also comes with two floor pads, these pads are really thick and amazing quality. You just put one of the pads on the floor Velcro side up and place the mop on top of it. The Velcro catches on the bottom of the mop and attaches to it. No need to mess with attaching pads or re-attaching them if they fall off. Hit the power button located on the front of the machine and off we went. It took a minute or two to start up being its first use and did omit a couple of sounds from it but that’s what it was supposed to do. No loud sounds or annoying ones and they didn’t last.

Once on it took a minute or two for it to start to steam but once it did you could see the steam actually coming from the bottom of the machine, which is awesome because I know its working. The head on it swivels so it makes tough to reach spots easy. It recommends you use a 45 degree angle for optimal performance which is pretty standard and I noticed it was a breeze to push around the floor, now you want to do a couple of yards at a time and go in a slower motion so it thoroughly cleans but it’s a breeze to maneuver. If you find it hard to push it could be that your pad is too wet. Since there are two pads that come with it you can put the other one on. Another awesome part about this steam mop for the home is that the pads are easy to clean. Just rinse in warm water and let air dry. You can toss them in the wash machine but it might wear on the pad. It’s pretty easy to clean just toss some mild detergent and wash it out and hang it to let it air dry. It’s as good as new after that!

The Agile mop has 15 steam jets to kill all the bacteria and germs floating around our floors. The mop can reach temps of 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is needed to create steam. So it does get hot, once you are done cleaning your floors turn it off and unplug. Let it set on the resting pad for a while. This way it keeps it safe from running floors with the heat because the pad absorbs the heat and dampness. After a couple of minutes you should be able to remove the cleaning pad from the bottom of the mop. Remember when not in use, use the pad that way it doesn’t damage floors. Plus it looks fancy in my pantry.

The last feature that is amazing is the carpet cleaning feature which includes a special part that simply snaps onto the bottom of the steam mop. You use the pad to clean the carpets. We have yet to try this feature completely. I did a little spot on the carpet and everything went well I just never got a chance to finish the whole rug. I will tell you that it beats going out and having my carpets steam cleaned and is amazing for area rugs on hardwood floors.

steam mop cleaner

Overall The HAAN Agile is the most amazing steam mop. It not only cleans and sanitizes hardwood floors, but also does laminate, tile and even carpet. There isn’t anything that this machine cannot steam clean unless it’s treated wood with a wax on it. I figure the steam would melt the wax finish off but most homes don’t have that so all is safe. It’s convenient and weighs about 5 pounds so it’s easy to carry. The power cord is long enough to reach around things just like a regular vacuum. It cleans amazingly and makes our hardwood floors look like new which I love! It also keeps us safe from dust mites and other bacteria. With all the things this steam mop can do I would have expected a hefty price tag but it’s priced reasonable at $119.95 which is amazing considering all it cleans. Once a month it recommends cleaning the unit but that is made a breeze with the simple (12) cleaning packets that come with the unit. I love my HAAN and cannot imagine life without it!

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